Harley-Davidson Pan America & Streetfighter Spotted in the Flesh

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Our Dutch friends at Nieuwsmotor just sent us these images, which show two of Harley-Davidson’s new street model prototypes. The bikes are the adventure-touring focused Harley-Davidson Pan America model, as well as the sport-aspired Harley-Davidson Streetfighter.

Both bikes are shown on what seems to be a trade show display booth, designed to highlight the aftermarket parts available from Harley-Davidson for the models. But, the reality is that this is the first time that these models have been seen in the flesh, free from their (photoshopped) press photos.

As a quick glance can confirm, these two new bikes from Harley-Davidson haven’t really changed or evolved since the Bar & Shield brand showed them to us roughly a year ago.

This would seem to suggest that the die has been set for Harley-Davidson’s first foray outside of the cruiser segment (the electric Harley-Davidson Livewire, not withstanding).

This is both good and bad, as it means that the two motorcycles are essentially in their final form, and thus close to production, but it also means that the bikes are still devoid of answers to the criticisms they elicited when they first debuted.

With these photos, we would expect Harley-Davidson to have the Pan America and Streetfighter models debut later this year, perhaps at the EICMA show, in order to get them primed for a 2020 arrival.

Like with the Livewire’s release, Harley-Davidson has been quiet about releasing any sort of specifications for its upcoming models.

We do know that the Streetfighter is sporting a new 975cc liquid-cooled engine, while the Pan America will have a 1,250cc v-twin in its chassis. What sort of power these motors will make is up for trivia, as is speculation on what their curb weights can look like.

As for aesthetics, that is always in the eye of the beholder, but it is of note that Harley-Davidson’s design shop hasn’t strayed too far from the Bar & Shield brand. Depending on where you sit, this could be a good or bad thing.

Harley-Davidson hopes to lure in new blood to its two-wheeled brand with bikes like the Pan America and Streetfighter, but the American icon still seems resistant to going full bore on that appeal. Time will tell if this half-and-half approach will work for Harley-Davidson.

Source: Nieuwsmotor

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