Harley-Davidson Looking to Fill Jobs for Electric Bike

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A Revelation is coming…and by that, I mean Harley-Davidson’s awkwardly named electric motorcycle, which is due to debut in roughly one year’s time from now.

The Bar & Shield brand stunned the motorcycling masses when it brought out its Project Livewire demo bikes, showing that the iconic American brand was seriously considering an electric motorcycle model.

Now, Project Livewire is to become the Harley-Davidson Revelation, and the folks in Milwaukee are looking for some help in bringing that bike to market, posting a number of job opportunities online for those who want to work on the electric bike.

Along with the more typical roles that one would see at a motorcycle company — e.g. chassis engineers, infotainment designers, suspension gurus, etc — Harley-Davidson is also looking for some folks to fill its EV ranks.

As of this posting, there are job opportunities for the following:

It is of note that Harley-Davidson is without a Lead Product Manager, with 12 months left before the Revelation is set to debut. Generally speaking, a Lead Product Manager is the driving force behind a new motorcycle model, and would be part of a project’s inception.

Harley-Davidson describes the role as the “Voice of the Customer in the development of new electric vehicle (EV) motorcycles from inception through launch and beyond.”

Looking for this role now, this could hint to a delay in Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle debut, as typically a Lead Product Manager would help shape the attributes and goals of a production vehicle, in the early-brainstroming days.

It is also possible that the Milwaukee brand has shifted gears on the Revelation project, with the bike changing beyond its original vision from a previous Lead.

It is hard to infer too much though, when looking from the outside, and so far all of the indications are sources have given us suggest that Harley-Davidson is on track to deliver the Revelation model at this time next year.

That time will be a monumentous day, as many never thought they would see the day where America’s motorcycle brand would create a truly new motorcycle, especially one that was powered by electrons, not gasoline.

If you interesting in being part of that revolution, here is your chance. Just be careful if they have you join the workers’ union.

Source: Harley-Davidson