A Test Rider’s Perspective on the Ducati GP9

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Vittoriano Guareschi is probably the most envied test rider in Italy, as he has been developing the Ducati Desmosedici since 2002. Now he has given his two cents on Ducati’s swtich to the carbon chasis frame,  and the benefits it will bring to the Ducati MotoGP program.


“When they told me that would have changed the chassis, I thought this would be a historic change. Our frame tubes retired? I felt very strange. At first I did not know also that it would be in carbon. Then the idea I was impressed. The GP9 is a revolution as the first racing bike with a frame made entirely of carbon. ” 

Guareschi noticed right away that on his first outing with the GP9 the bike was easier to ride, a sentiment echoed by Casey Stoner who found the bike more intuitive. This change directly , who have declared that while the Ducati may be the fastest bike in the paddock, Yamaha’s M1 is an easier bike to learn, and allows riders to reach their potential on the bike much more quickly.

The GP9 marks an evolution of Ducati’s MotoGP effort, Guareschi continued: “I think by the GP8 Desmosedici GP7 there was a small step, but with this bike, which has lost the specific characteristics of the Ducati, the change is radical. In more with the GP9 will be easier for everyone to get to the limit. Indeed in the last test even those who rose in the saddle for the first time was strong now and this means that the GP9 was good. It was softened to the release and now we have more torque down without losing power at the top. ” 

Other improvements to the Gp9 can be found in the use of Öhlins’s latest suspension pieces, and a radically improved cooling system. Guareschi concluded his comment saying that he had confidence with Nicky Hayden behind the handlebars for the new season, a sentiment we’ve heard repeatedly from both team and rider. It would seem the American has finally landed a GP team that considers him an asset.