Step Right Up and Get Your Authentic Erik Buell Racing Wheel – Slightly Used from MMP

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You gotta love Erik Buell. Say what you will about his motorcycles, but the guy and his team live outside of the box, and it’s awesome. When Geoff May had an off at Miller Motorsports Park, and launched his Erik Buell Racing 1125RR into the air, the result was this busted PVM forged magnesium rear-wheel.

While most teams would throw it into the scrap heap, EBR is instead auctioning it off on eBay to help raise the funds needed for a replacement wheel. That’s entrepreneurship at it’s finest folks. The only thing that makes this auction better, is the description that follows.

This is a forged Mg 17″ X 6″ rear wheel PVM specifically built to fit EBR 1125RR and 1190RR Superbikes. This particular wheel achieved unregistered flight status at Miller Park, during GTO Superbike practice. Launch velocity was approximately 120MPH, and peak height according to witnesses was about 25 feet. Quoting rider Geoff May “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a bike fly that high”.

In celebration of this hard work by team and rider we are offering this now completely broken wheel for sale.  The wheel has been autographed by Geoff May, who said upon signing the wheel ” the bike really crashes well”.

Original purchase price was about $1,300 as delivered.  We offer the wheel with no warranty, sold as is, including the sharp edges where it broke. Please handle it with care when displaying this excellent conversation piece.

All proceeds from this sale will go towards purchasing another wheel that we collectively hope doesn’t succomb to the same fate.  If this auction exceeds $1,000 we’ll throw in some broken 1190 bodywork for the winner to use as wall art. To the winner we offer all the best, and to those reading this happy bidding, we appreciate the support. Now go just hit the buy it now button!

One of the great things about being a cash-strapped startup is that it forces you to be creative, cherish every dollar spent, and invest every dollar made wisely. This is why we love the concept of putting up crashed parts on eBay for team fans to purchase.

For enthusiasts who follow Erik Buell Racing, there is an opportunity to get a unique memento that comes with a great story. For EBR, they are getting rid of an otherwise useless piece of equipment, generating revenue that can go towards replacing the unit, and maybe most importantly harvesting a meaningful connection with a race fan(s). Most teams have to buy that connection, Erik Buell Racing is selling it. Chew on that marketing mavens.

Bid early, bid often, and if an A&R reader wins the auction, send us a photo of it in your living room. We’re sure it’ll really tie the room together.

Geoff May on the Erik Buell Racing 1125R at Infineon Raceway:

Source: eBay via Facebook; Photos: © 2010 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons 3.0 – Attribution