EBR Motorcycles on the Chopping Block, Yet Again

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EBR Motorcycles is set for another go at this liquidation thing, with its owners Liquid Asset Partners having put the company and its assets on the auctioning block once again.

Loyal readers will remember that Liquid Asset Partners bought Erik Buell Racing last year, with public plans to restart the brand. That activity never really moved beyond assembling a few motorcycles that were still languishing on the production line, while LAP looked for other investors in the company.

Now confirming what we long expected to be the final outcome, Liquid Asset Partners is chopping up EBR Motorcycles once again – looking to sell the brand’s remaining assets, including the brand itself.

The on-site liquidation sale will start on June 7th, with a live auction set for June 8th as well – the latter including EBR’s intellectual property and and special production equipment, while tools, office supplies, and other basic items will be sold directly on the 7th.

“This is the motorcycle deal of a lifetime,” said Bill Melvin, CEO of Liquid Asset Partners.

“For any motorcycle fan the deals are too cheap to miss. You can buy anything from a race motorcycle, hand tools, and all the way to buying the iconic motorcycle brand itself. We sell at such huge discounts, people fly in from all over the world! Some people will start a new business just from buying these deals.”

You can see for yourself what meat remains on the bones of Erik Buell’s failed motorcycle company, right here. Happy bidding.

Source: Liquid Asset Partners