EBR’s “Black Lightning” Is A Lowered 1190SX Street Bike

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In September of this year, EBR Motorcycles let it be known that the American brand was working on new models for the 2017 model year, in addition to a sub-$10,000 platform that would be available in 2018.

Teasing that we would see something “quick, dark, and low” by the year’s end, we subsequently saw EBR trademark the name “Black Lightning” for use as a new motorcycle model. This certainly got our imaginations turning, wondering what the folks in East Troy had up their sleeves.

Unfortunately, it would seem we alone had our imaginations at work, since EBR Motorcycles has given us a glimpse of its Black Lightning project today, which shows a true lack of inspiration, as it turns out to be an all-black EBR 1190SX that sits about an inch lower than before.

To be fair, EBR has revised the gearing on the 1190SX to better suit the superbike-powered bike’s engine for street use. EBR has also added lower foot pegs and higher bars, and also gives the option for a comfort seat.

We will get out first glimpse of the Black Lightning at this week’s International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, starting on Friday the 18th. And would-be customers and dealers can expect felivery of the Black Lightning in Spring 2017.

Hopefully at that point in time, EBR Motorcycles will be ready to tell us when we can expect to see bikes from the American brand that are actually new, like the eagerly anticipated EBR 1190AX adventure-tourer. Insight on its sub-$10,000 platform would be welcomed as well.

Source: EBR