EBR 1190RX & SX Get CARB Certified, California Bound

08/04/2014 @ 10:35 am, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS


Good news for California riders who want Erik Buell Racing’s latest motorcycles, as the EBR 1190RX and EBR 1190SX have been certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

A necessary step to selling in the Golden State, the news means that Erik Buell Racing can begin shipping RX and SX models to its California dealers, who in turn can now begin selling the bikes to the eager Californian biking public.

The largest state of motorcyclists by volume, California’s motorcycle market is a must for Erik Buell Racing’s success, especially the Wisconsin company’s more sport lineup, which meshes well with California’s ample sport riding and racing scenes.

Surprisingly, Erik Buell Racing lists only six dealerships in the Golden State on its website, with five of those dealers located in Southern California.

Hopefully now that America’s newest motorcycle brand is CARB certified, it can begin adding more dealers to this important market, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks for the tip Harrison!

Source: CARB

  • Richard Gozinya

    Good to see EBR taking being a motorcycle company seriously. I occasionally take a look at Motus’ website, and they seem to be utterly clueless. No date for when those will actually hit the dealers, not even a loose estimate, and the site itself now looks like a blog. Starting to wonder if we’ll ever see those things actually make it into production.

    But good on EBR, for having a vision, and the drive and determination to see it become a reality. Not enough of that anymore.

  • james h

    i’m surprised at how fast things got sorted out. it was just 3 weeks ago i was going to look them over at a dealer in roseville when i was told they aren’t for sale here. after seeing the bikes displayed at the recent wsbk race, i am convinced that the sx will be my next bike. if it is anything like the super duke 990 i had once, it should be an awesome bike.