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Students at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) of Turin had the opportunity to finish their studies by undertaking a thesis in transportation design that was done in collaboration with Ducati Motor Holdings. 10 students submitted 10 designs to Ducati, for a motorcycle that would enter new market segments and reach a younger demographic.

Five concept were then chosen, and made into 1:4 concepts, with the top concept then being picked and made into a full-size concept. Anchored in production reality, students had to keep an eye on the Ducati parts bin, and stay within the realms of practicability for the company (done with varying degrees of success).

With some very strong concepts coming from the collaboration, it seems almost a shame that Ducati could only pick one winner, but TWINS by Simone Buonpensiere and Daniele Mazzon (shown as the title graphic) was ultimately chosen. Mouthwatering delicious, we sincerely hope Ducati puts this dream into reality.

Buonpensiere and Mazzon describe their TWINS concepts as the following:

Twins is a supermotard category bike capable of satisfying the requirements of a broad range of clientele. The project was developed with the aim of creating two motorbikes with different characteristics yet based on the same original layout. The first version, of which the full scale model has been created, was designed to satisfy a more glamourous audience thanks to the customisable saddle with a variety of different technical fabrics, colours and graphics; the second was instead designed to attract a more sporting and dynamic clientele seeking a more extreme and fun-to-ride bike.

Since the dirt segment is really the last frontier for Ducati, now that the Bologna brand is making a cruiser, we could really see the Italian company latching onto this bike’s design, and producing a more purpose-built dirt digging Hypermotard.

Source: IED