The Ducati Diavel Photo Gallery

11/01/2010 @ 2:53 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

If you fall into the camp of people who love the Ducati Diavel, we’ve got a special treat for you as there are 80 hi-res photos waiting after the jump (there’s a video too if you haven’t seen that already). However if the new performance cruiser from Ducati isn’t your cup of tea, well…here is a movie about rejection (so you can understand how the Diavel feels about your position)¬†and a photo of a basket full of puppies, which should make everyone feel a lot better (who doesn’t like puppies?).

Source: Ducati

  • Please, make it stop!

  • Harvey

    I’m not a huge fan of the front end and all bud definitely appreciate the company trying something out of the established mold.

  • JD

    Where are the puppies…

  • gnmac

    Please, pretty please, try and make it even uglier – I want it uglier!!! Oh, and I want a big ol’ number 46 on it so I can still remember that Ducati still has a legit racing program!

    I want Ducati Xerox back!!

  • joe

    Man, whats that smell? Oh, a big pile of diavel!

  • Bob Dogjuice

    Dear GOD what were they thinking? Almost works in profile, but when we swing around the arse end we’re back in the 70’s with the overdone ducktail and around the front we’ve got the fussy radiator covers/vents aplenty and a crass headlight cowling.

    If it were done by anyone else than a purveyor of fine (and expensive) sportsbikes perhaps it would be easier to stomach. It’s like Ducati are humping America’s leg.

  • froryde

    Let’s see how long this one lasts in the Ducati product lineup…

  • A lot of people seem to hate it, but honestly, I like it. It looks wicked. It doesn’t look like your typical Ducati, yet it does all at the same time. If I were in the market and had the dough I’d definitely take a look.

    Hell, if nothing else, I’ll look at ANY heavy cruiser style bike besides a Harley.

  • Isis

    I like it. I feel like the seating position is more harley than vmax, but it still works. I bet it sells a surprising amount. I also bet these see some time on a drag strip.

  • I am so disappointed with Ducati. First, they left WSB earlier this year, and then they introduced ugliest bike ever. What’s next? Are they gonna drop desmo too? Do they listen to their fans at all? Very disappointing.

  • chris

    Love it give me more.