Dainese Working on Flat-Track Specific Race Apparel

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Dainese/AGV and American Flat Track announced their partnership today, with the Italian apparel brands becoming the official safety and race apparel brand of flat track racing in the United States.

What is more interesting though is that according to the announcement, Dainese and AGV will develop products that are specifically designed with flat track racing in mind.

This should be a huge boon to flat track racers, who often have to compromise and adapt apparel from road racing and dirt disciplines for their unique needs.

As such, Dainese is said to be working on new leather suit designs that are tailored specifically for the demands of flat track racing. Dainese is also working on what it’s calling a “next generation” design for steel shoes for American Flat Track.

We would expect to see Dainese’s D-Air airbag technology also being adapted for American Flat Track racing, and a number of the sport’s top names will be in Dainese racing leathers this year in the AFT series.

AGV is getting into the mix as well, and will be developing helmet technology and designs that are geared toward the needs of flat trackers.

AGV is already promoting some of that technology, saying that it has developed a sealing mechanism that keeps the dirt outside of the helmet, which should improve visibility for racers.

There is no word regarding whether these products will become available to mainstream consumers, but given the rising popularity of flat track racing, at both the amateur and professional levels, we would expect to see both Dainese and AGV reacting to those market needs.

Source: Dainese

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