The Borg Collective Continues to Grow, As Comoto Buys J&P Cycles

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The Borg collective that is Comoto Holdings continues to assimilate large brands into its collective of retail enterprises for the motorcycle industry. No, not familiar with the name Comoto?

Surely though you have heard of – if not shopped at – the companies that Comoto controls, as it is the holding company for RevZilla and Cycle Gear, and it is also now the new business entity that owns J&P Cycles.

The acquisition of J&P Cycles means that Comoto adds a strong presence in the American v-twin market to its business lineup, which already included the largest brick-and-mortar chain the motorcycles industry (Cycle Gear) as well as the largest online retailer in the space (RevZilla).

Undoubtedly, this news makes Comoto the 800 lbs gorilla in the aftermarket space for the motorcycle industry, if not in the world.

As some may recall, J&P Cycles was part of the Motorcycle Aftermarket Group (MAG), which declared bankruptcy in 2017. But back in 2016, MAG folded the Motorcycle-Superstore in J&P Cycles, making it one of the larger e-commerce spaces in the motorcycle industry.

Missing an American v-twin component to its business, Comoto Holdings surely sees a turnkey solution now, by tapping into that other half of the American motorcycle industry with this acquisition of J&P Cycles.

According to the Comoto’s press release, J&P Cycles will maintain itself as a separate retail brand from RevZilla and Cycle Gear, and it will continue to be operated by Zach Parham, son of J&P Cycles founder and AMA Hall of Famer John Parham. As part of the deal though, Zach Parham will join the Comoto Holdings leadership team.

With three strong pillars in the motorcycle commerce space under one roof, Comoto now has a strong hold on the aftermarket and apparel space in the motorcycle industry. It will be interesting to see where they go from here with their power brand consolidation. Resistance is futile.

Source: Comoto Holdings