BMW Q2 2014 Sales Up 5.1% – Another Record Quarter

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BMW Motorrad’s second-quarter sales results are in, and the German brand has not only another record quarter to report, but also an all-time six-month top-sales record as well.

Selling 42,259 units in Q2 2014, BMW Motorrad sales are up 5.1%, with revenue up 11.2% to €528 million (€55 million EBIT). This sales volume represents an all-time second-quarter high for BMW motorcycles sales.

The news also makes the first half of 2014 the best six-month period, in the 90 years of BMW Motorrad’s history, of BMW motorcycle sales, with revenue up 9.8% to €1 billion, and unit sales up 9.3% to 70,978 units.

BMW says that the worldwide market for motorcycles over 500cc is up 5% so far this year, with registrations in Europe up 8.4%. We have already seen that sales in the United States have been flatter than in Europe, likely accounting for the overall lower global market.

As usual, Germany was BMW Motorrad’s best market, selling 12,019 units in the first half of 2014, or roughly 17% of BMW’s motorcycle sales volume. BMW Motorrad says sales in Germany rose 7.5%, while sales in France (6,531 units) and Italy (6,992 units) rose 4.7% and 5.5%, respectively.

Meanwhile sales in the US were down 0.1%, for a total of 8,857 units in the first six-months of 2014.

Source: BMW Group

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