A&R Rubbies: The Best Photos of 2009

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Keeping the theme going, motorcycling in 2009 was sometimes expressed better in a single frame, rather than in full-motion. With so many great photos coming in from a plethora of talented photographers, it’s hard to pick just a few that stand-out from the rest. But still, we gave it our best shot. Click past the jump for our picks.

Best Photo of 2009: Playboy and LCR Honda Confirmed with Pictures

One of our most popular stories this year was the announcement of Playboy’s sponsorship of LCR Honda. This isn’t because of the fact that a magazine sponsoring a MotoGP race team is a big news story, but instead it is probably attributed to the photography that accompanied the LCR’s announcement. Click the link above to see what we mean, but be forewarned it is not safe for work.

First Runner-up: Ben Spies to Tech3 Yamaha for 2010

Ben “Elbowz” Spies showed off his riding ability all season in World Superbike. At the series stop at Miller Motorsports Park, photographer Brian Whipple of grabbed this shot of Spies doing what he does best: touching his elbow to the ground while going over 100mph. Needless to say we wish we could ride like the young Texan, and had photos like this of us when we hit the track.

Second Runner-up: Franky Zorn on Ice

One of earliest posts of the year featured Franky Zorn and his studded-wheel ice racer. Maybe it’s the cold winter weather that has its grasp on the United States right now, or the fact that ice racing looks so cool (sorry for the pun), but these photos captiavted us when we first saw them. Adding to the experience is the ice-level photography that not only captures the cool-blue feel of the snow, but also gives perspective on the nearly horizontal lean angles Zorn is capable of on his Kawasaki.