Infographic: Aprilia – Ride Like a Champion

03/20/2012 @ 12:39 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

Aprilia has the dubious distinction of having some of the most compelling motorcycles in its product lineup, which are mated to some of the worst market communications in the industry, but the Italian manufacturer certainly seems to be trying this year. Getting ready to launch the Aprilia Tuono V4 APRC in the US later this month, Aprilia is trying to expose more riders to the Italian brand and its racing heritage.

While we were less-than-impressed with the company’s more recent strategy of hiring motorcycle blogs to create online commercials for the brand, this latest media effort seems more genuine and original. Find after the jump an ever-so-trendy infographic on Aprilia’s racing heritage, APRC electronics system, and V4 engine, and RSV & Tuono motorcycles. Click on it for an even bigger version, it’s actually pretty interesting.

Source: Aprilia USA

  • Afletra

    Fell in love with RSV4 since the first time I see it, simply awesome in every way…for me :)

  • David

    Can somebody explain this statement on their add. To the left of the 206 mph spot.

    “August 15th, 2010
    Aprillia became the European brand with the most victories in MotoGP history.”

    I must be missing something here. I haven’t seen Aprillia in MotoGP in forever.

    Did they mean World Superbike?

    I’m to lazy to research. LOL

    But I love the V4 bikes.


  • Dr. Gellar


    What Aprilia is trying to say is that they will “become the European brand with the most victories in Motorcycle Grand Prix history”. In the case of their orginal boast, think of MotoGP as representing the entire GP series (MotoGP/500cc, 250cc, 125cc), not just the MotoGP class.

  • Smitch

    David, they’re probably including 250’s, not just the premiere class.

  • TonyC

    They add a footnote under the 38 MotoGP Champions – King of 125cc Class

  • Will

    Can someone clarify the 2 World superbike championships they have? Looking on world superbike official site I only see one, in 2010…Maybe I’m blind.

  • MikeD


    Makers of awesome hardware COVERED by some HORRID STYLING , talking none less than the latest TUONO……..GOD, THAT THING IS FUGLY !

    Whoever designed the headlight area on that bike was feeling lazier than the guy that came up with the japanese flag design.

    Hey, Aprilia…call Triumph OR MV Agusta…they said they have so much pity for u that will teach your employees at the styling department how to properly style A NAKED Bike.

  • David


    I knew I was missing something.

    I forgot about the other classes……DUH.

    Makes sense now.

  • Aww shucks, Jenson. I’m blushing. I can’t speak for everyone on the team, but I know we all worked real hard. Thanks so much for the kind words.

  • loki

    Hummm.. I’m not sure that the “500m of wires on a bike” is a good thing for their marketing department to brag about…

    @Will: you’re right, they have won only once in WSBK (all classes: superbike, supersport, superstock 1000, superstock 600), so the only reasonable explanation is that they count the riders and manufacturers championships won in 2010 separately. Which is a bit lame for someone that follows WSBK, but is otherwise an arguably good marketing argument for someone that doesn’t.

  • Ervgopwr

    I was wondering when we’d see some response to the mild but continuous A&R v. HFL interwebscuffleformotoblogworlddomination…go on…

  • BBQdog

    @David: Aprilia has been almost dominant in the MotoGP 125cc and the 250cc class over the last 10 years. It’s a shame they do not participate in the new Moto3 class.

  • gebeme

    300 wires, 50 connectors, aos, alc, atc, awc, self calebrating wheel! Only a small sample of things that will cost a fortune to fix in a few years!

    Thanks for the warning.


    I love the new Panigalle 1199 however the RSV-4 still takes the win. It has more technology and not mention it’s Moto Gp looks. And the power is still just a bit higher than the 1199’s.

  • Westward

    I’d like to see a 675 or 750 cc bike from them other than the Shiver which is heavier than it should be…

    As for the Panigalle vs the RSV4, I’d like to actually see the 1199 in race action before making an assessment…

  • loki

    The Panigale will probably be a better racer than the 1098R – which itself is a 5 year old bike that has managed to beat the RSV4 last year.

    As for the power, Ducati does claim a 195hp figure at the crankshaft… so let’s see some independent dyno tests before putting it behind the Aprilia power-wise.

  • Dan

    Re the HFV v. A&R I say there is no question! Keep up the superior content, layout, & readership that makes you not only the best MC blog, but also the free-est!