AMG Severs Ties with Ducati after Audi Acquisition

04/19/2012 @ 10:29 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

The writing was on the wall with this piece of news, as after Audi’s acquisition of Ducati Motor Holdings, AMG has terminated its marketing partnership with Ducati. The announcement should not surprise anyone, as AMG & Ducati were certain to sever ties as soon as Mercedes-Benz bowed out of acquiring Ducati Motor Holding, and Audi was rumored to have picked up the ball.

Marketing with “the other team” surely neither Audi nor AMG wanted Ducati to be associated with the other, and all that remained was some fancy foot-work from the lawyers to end the partnership amicably and swiftly. Needing only a day to do so, we think the language in AMG’s statement after the jump has interesting spin to suggest the suits could have done a better job.

“Since the end of 2010 a successful marketing cooperation has existed between AMG and Ducati. The company takeover by a rival car manufacturer has understandably resulted in the end of any further collaboration. The takeover of Ducati was never our aim – our focus lies clearly in developing and producing premium performance cars and we will be concentrating all our energy on this.”

The real question now will be how long the Ducati Diavel AMG will remain on Ducati’s product line, and whether the co-branded super-cruiser will become an even more sought after item now that Audi has entered the picture with the Italian motorcycle maker.

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  • I have no idea what is supposed to be happening in this video…

  • Yeah, it’s a bit….umm…horrible?

  • Jake

    I can’t imagine that video was intended for public consumption. Let us hope it is not a precursor of things to come.

  • looks like Audi’s company-wide news release. the lameness gives it away

  • Yeah, it’s a corporate spiel about how Ducati fits in so perfectly with Audi. To be expected. :)

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  • coolbiker

    Ducati Diavel AMG available for highest bidder

  • Filip

    Audi’s are driven by cocks (dixit the great Jeremy Clarkson), they’re too expensive and they all look the same. Ducati already got the first and second part right.

  • para

    Whoever bought a Diavel AMG, will be a very happy fellow a few years or so down the road.

  • John Smith

    Its a complete mismatch between a manufacturer of effeminate Germanic consumer durables and an Italian motorcycle company. On the Audi press release they something along something along the lines of “Ducati is a sporty global brand” as though they were talking about a manufacturer of sunglasses or clothing… Both that and this video are masterpieces of inappropriate PR.

  • Ceolwulf

    The Diavel, AMG or otherwise, will be about as much of a collector’s item as the Indiana.