The Updated Yamaha MT-10 Priced at $13,999 for the USA

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When the new Yamaha MT-10 for 2022 debuted in Europe last week, we were pretty sure that the bike would make it to American soil, but we weren’t so sure about what the price would be for this odd-looking machine.

Price is always an important aspect for a new motorcycle announcement, but it is doubly so for the MT-10 because Yamaha has positioned the MT-10 as being perhaps the bargain-buy in the streetfighter segment.

Would the updates for the 2022 model year continue that trend, or would we see some price bloat to Big Blue’s stripped naked superbike?

The answer is sorta both, as the 2022 Yamaha MT-10 does get a $1,000 price increase (now a $13,999 MSRP) because of the updates to its package, but compared to the other machines on the market, the Yamaha continues to offer the best bang for the buck, while being an exciting ride.

For those wanting more, the Yamaha MT-10 SP is also getting updated for the 2022 model year, and it is coming to the US soil for $16,899 MSRP.

For that coin, the marquee difference is the addition of Öhlins semi-active suspension. Other changes include steel-braided brake lines and a three-piece bellypan.

For those keeping score, the Yamaha MT-10 SP is the cheapest streetfighter on the market with semi-active suspension.

Source: Yamaha Motor USA