A New Yamaha MT-10 Debuts for 2022 with Key Updates

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The Yamaha MT-10 is an underrated motorcycle, that isn’t helped by its polarizing “Johnny 5” styling cues. It’s fun, it’s powerful, and it’s affordable.

For many years after its initial debut, you couldn’t go wrong putting an MT-10 in your garage. But then time marched on.

Yamaha let the MT-10 languish for too long without an update, as its European competitors began to up their ante, offering more feature-packed streetfighters to the segment.

For the 2022 model year though, the tuning fork brand is hoping that sport riders will once again remember that Yamaha has a horse in this race, and that the MT-10 is once again the bargain-buy it used to be.

Getting a modest restyling and a bevy of key updates, the 2022 Yamaha MT-10 is certainly worth a look.

Visually the bike isn’t tremendously different, which is going to be a negative mark for many riders – though the new face of the MT-10 is modestly more appealing than before.

Other body panels have been changed, the the “Deltabox” frame is more exposed where it mounts to the crossplane 998cc inline-four engine.

The big news is that engine, as it gains Euro5 compliance and 5hp (4 kW)  of peak power in the process – thus bringing a peak power figure of 162hp (122 kW) to the table.

Smartly, Yamaha has also added a six-axis IMU to the mix, which brings lean-sensitive traction control and wheelie control to the electronics package. An up/down quickshifter and 4.2″ TFT dash are now standard equipmunk as well.

Yamaha has also fitted a radial Brembo master cylinder to the brakes package, which is mated to dual 320mm discs at the front. KYB suspension is front and aft, and is fully adjustable. Wet weight is quoted at 467 lbs (212 kg).

There is no word yet on pricing, or if the new Yamaha MT-10 will even come to the USA for 2022.

Our guess would be that there will be a modest price increase to the outgoing MT-10’s MSRP of $13,000, and that Yamaha USA will eventually get around to announcing this machine for its lineup.

Source: Yamaha Europe