Watch Internal Engine Combustion at 4,000 FPS

03/20/2017 @ 4:08 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Suck, squeeze, bang, and blow – there is no way to more succinctly describe the combustion process of a four-stroke engine. If you are more of a visual learner though, we might have the perfect video series to show the combustion process in your typical road-going motorcycle.

The video comes courtesy of the “Warped Perception” channel on YouTube, which has made a name for itself by taking high-speed high-resolution cameras and using them to show and explain complex actions.

In the case here, Warped Perception took a 3hp Briggs & Stratton engine, removed the head and replaced it with about an inch of acrylic glass, and then proceeded to see what would and would not burn in the simple engine design.

Slowing things down to 4,000 frames per second, and shooting 4k video, we get an absolutely stunning, not to mention informative, perspective of what happens in your typical internal combustion engine. Enjoy!

Source: Warped Perception

  • Al Putra

    I love it!

  • MacaveliMC

    So cool, I’d love to see both a 2 stroke and diesel in the same way!

  • Racing Enthusiast

    None of the hokey presentation from the above video:

  • MacaveliMC

    That’s cool! Only if we could get the same 4000 fps, with view of valves too.

  • J. J.

    In the second video when he turns the throttle and the R.P.M. increase it seems that you can see the flame front has trouble keeping up with the piston’s travel downward on the combustion stroke. I wonder if the little engine doesn’t have an advance. It’s the first time I’ve been able to see the need for advance and watch the flame propogate in that way.

  • Alam R

    I have seen this video and loved it. It was cool to see how the combustion process works on such a simple engine. I also loved the using the different fuel to see the results.
    Good stuff.

  • not-a-fanboi-honest

    You need to get yourself some 90% by volume Poitín! :)