Video: Blood & Oil

01/21/2014 @ 4:51 pm, by Jensen Beeler23 COMMENTS


For many, the winter time represents the long hours our bikes must sit idly by in their garages, waiting for the snow and ice to thaw so we can once again use them to embark on our two-wheeled wanderlust. For some, the time is meted out with other pursuits or interest, and for others the time is spent in the work shed, modifying, creating, building. This video is for the latter group, the ones who have oil in their blood, and a passion to create.

A short film by Cale Glendening, Blood & Oil is “about wanting to create, be more awake and to be more alive.” With dark beats and subtle prose, there is some good meat to digest here from Glendening, and the film is filled with emotion. What that emotion is will probably vary from viewer to viewer. Let us know how it touched you in the comments.

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  • paulus

    visually interesting…
    What I got from it was; a lot of ‘beardy blokes’ sitting around… then off for a blast at the end.

  • Chris Blair

    We are a really varied group aren’t we? Motorcyclists that is. Thanks for the share Jensen.

  • Jw


    this really represents the common mans bike for so many riders that cannot afford what so commonly is showcased on A and R. The heart and soul of the enthusiast we salute you

  • gabe

    Narration by Optimus Prime

  • Norm G.

    or Albus Dumbledore.

  • Mariano

    Instead of “Blood and oil” it should’ve been titled ” PBR’s, American Spirits, and ironic moustaches” if you know what I mean…

  • jereme

    Yes, second what Mariano had a hard time getting out. Their “hipster powder puffs”.

  • shawn

    this video is essentially what can be found here..

  • H.L.

    The voice with the dark music blends flawlessly. The build up and transition into the riding was very nice but short. I rode in light snow yesterday so seeing the rider in the snow was cool. Whether it’s 20 degrees or 90 degrees, I ride….We ride….

  • Richard Burton

    i second what Mariano implied. lots of cute facial hair, skinny jeans and hands too soft to have built anything shown in this video.

    why is it that the simple act of getting on your bike and having a ride when no one is looking -has to be documented, fetishized, and published for all to see as something so cool/so HOLY that you are so SPECIAL?

    god, people. its a bike. we all love them. just ride and enjoy them and what they do for you life -both good and bad. don’t film in grainy black and white every goddam time you flip the kick starter out.

  • Frank

    I follow what many people are saying here. I’m all for making the everyday pleasures of moto life seem more EPIC and cool, but they lost me at the shot of the tattooed bar tender. I get it – we are all motorcyclistics in different walks of professional life. And we all share the same passion on a base level. But that’s when it feels very much like it is all about the ‘scene.’ More bike riding and less slow-mo, cold breathe mustache shots (allowed by the aesthetic choice of open faced helmet-whomwhoooom). Feels like they are trying too hard to convince the audience and themselves alike of how ‘cool’ it all is. We know it’s fun. No need to preach to the converted. Perhaps it’s about swaying more people to join the club. I’m all for that. But if that’s the case the message is made fuzzy by all the hipster fashion. You don’t need to ‘be cool’ to rehab a cafe racer :)

    In all seriousness though- another ok digital film made about the growing, yet still marginal cafe/customer mod scene with silly narration.

  • Frank

    cafe custom mod scene*

  • Jorge

    4 out of 5 stars, would be 5 out of 5 but I didn’t see any shots of artisan cheese being made.

  • Jim Hollinrake

    This is the most pretentious thing yet, even worse that The Wilderness Collective.

  • tony

    omfg! are they serious? or is the whole thing SUPPOSED to be ironic? congrats me! i made it through 2:02 seconds…

    nice one, btw, jorge. fuckin hilarious comment!

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    What Jorge wrote made me laugh out loud in my cube–which blew my cover as nosey coworkers peaked over to see what I was doing.

    This is a tough crowd today. I thought it was better than the hippie film (from Portland?) where a bunch of weirdos threw food around and used motorcycles to make food. That one drew critical aclaim from these bloggers.

  • SBPilot

    Agree with what the general feel people have here towards the video. I’m all for art, fashion and I appreciate all that and all riders. But this group of hipsters have really created this niche bike related pretentiousness that I really despise. All they care is about the look, hence, having to make endless videos about themselves in super slo mo sitting on their bike while zooming in on their horrible tattoos.

    @Shawn, that’s a great link that really showcases all the garbage this group has created. $200 used helmets. $300 shirts just because it says Deus on it. Please. If I’m paying that much, it better be hand made in Italy with the name Ermengildo Zegna on it, not Deus.

  • L2C

    “Quiet is the post of the driven. Freedom is not levity, but the untold fight of the knowing. A force understood only by those who possess it.”

    This line reminded me of the conversation between Carl Fox (played by Martin Sheen) and his son Bud Fox (played by Charlie Sheen) in the Oliver Stone film Wall Street, when Carl said to Bud:

    CARL FOX: Stop going for the easy buck and start producing something with your life. Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others.

    In the movie, Carl Fox was a blue collar worker who knew a lot about keeping his nose to the grindstone in order create something of intrinsic value. Fox and his remarks stood in stark contrast to exploitative, opportunist Wall Street stockbroker Gordon Gekko’s “I create nothing.,” and Gekko’s obsession with things of instrumental value.

    Gekko lied to Bud when he said that he didn’t create anything. Gekko created misery, mostly, among other things.

    If you have some understanding of Carl and Gordon, and what it means to exist in a capitalist society, you would know that even though the two characters are at odds with one another, “the picture” is not as black and white as either character would suggest. You would know that the picture is much more abstract and complicated. Fuzzy. Bud Fox would be the embodiment of that.


    “The crush and allure of pure acceleration.”

    Contains everything one needs to know in order to understand Casey Stoner.


    “Chase it down. Chase it down.”

    Valentino Rossi, current.


    “…for others the time is spent in the work shed, modifying, creating, building.”

    For some of us, that’s what the film is about. For some of us, that’s what our lives are about.

    The film was thought-provoking. It was good. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Funnyman6869

    That Voice!! WOW! Reminiscent of The Original NFL FILMS GUY.

  • Mike

    I don’t mind most of the hipster stuff. To each their own. But canvas shoes and no socks on a motorcycle? Criminey, now that’s ducking fumb.

  • Big Mickey

    Reminds me of a motorcycle version of this:

  • GM

    Jorge, that was fantastic! I’m still trying to stifle my laughter so my coworkers don’t know I’m wasting time.

    Mike, amen dude. I said the same thing when I saw that.

    I want to hear this guy narrate other things. Cooking recipes, Ikea instructions…

  • This video just underscores that cafe / naked bikes are the new ‘fixie’.

    F-ing hipster trash. Ugh. I’m laying 20 bucks the Discovery Channel is working up a ‘reality’ show. . . based around men knowing more about skinny jeans than they do about carburetors or valve clearances.