Got some time to waste? We have just the thing for you, thanks to our friends at Yamaha. The tuning fork brand has long made papercraft models of its various products — scale models made only out of paper, and not to be confused with origami —  and the different designs have been swirling on the internet for as long as we can remember.

Available for download are patterns for building a range of motorcycles, like the Yamaha MT-01, Yamaha YZF-R1, and Yamaha VMAX, and while Yamaha provides the blueprints, you must supply the sheets of paper, bottles of glue, and buckets of patience — this not an undertaking for the ADD inclined.

Now in time for the new year, Yamaha has released perhaps the mother of all papercraft projects, a diorama of Valentino Rossi’s Corkscrew pass on Casey Stoner at Laguna Seca.

It took papercraft designer Mr. Mukouyama a year to design and create the kit, and the detail shows. Getting a chance to show his masterpiece to The Doctor himself, who praised Mukouyama-san’s hardwork, the young artist will have a hard time topping this.

Whether you are riding out the Northeast’s current Freezepocalypse, or just counting down the months until the racing season begins again, here is a new garage endeavor for your undertaking. If any A&R readers complete this papercraft diorama, you must send us some photos of it. We’ll send you a shirt or something.






Source: Yamaha

  • ax1464

    Where’s Stoner? A “pass” involves two vehicles.

  • Omitted, because it would be in bad taste to put a competitor’s bike in the diorama, not to mention take even more resources to design.

  • Looter

    Or just photoshop a second M1/Rossi with M1/Stoner liveries! Cut and glue. Ha

  • pooch

    one of the worst ‘most celebrated’ passes in motogp history… in my book anyway. way off track and then comes back in to run opponent wide, and people wonder why Stoner hated Rossi with such a passion. Remember Rossi followed this up later by a similar dive up the inside on the Ducati (also out of control) to lose the front and skittled Stoner completely.

    But the yellow clone-war hordes will recall this with joy, calling it ‘genius’… haha.

  • Brad the Pirate

    Rossi always made clean passes… just ask Sete!!

    At least Elias repaid him with Karma.

  • Peter G

    Look on the bright side .. You get to burn Rossi when you are sick of it.

    I’m with ” Pooch”.

    Racing is done ………… ” on the track . That’s what those white lines marking the edges are for.

  • chris

    yamaha’s paper art is old news, but still cool. although now there is now free software that can turn any 3d cad file into a foldable paper model, or stacked pieces of cardboard, and a few other types of assembly. it tells you where to score the paper, and even adds glue tabs… there’s also an app to (3d) digitize anything by taking pictures of it (walking around it)… and it is unbelieveable. 3d scanners are on the verge of obsolescence!

  • BBQdog

    @pooch: you must be from Australia ;-)
    Did you hear Rossi complain about Marquez’ pass ?
    (OK, probarbly he couldn’t).
    This is racing, not chess.

  • @BBQDOg

    Well marquez didnt make a pass that almost pushed rossi out of the line. He in fact got ahead making the pass. Rossi in 08 though almost crashed and had to slow down a bit and when rejoining he collided with stoner who had to slow to avoid risking a fall.