Movie Star Ryan Reynolds Loves His Motorcycles

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Personally, I’m not a big fan of the idolatry that seems to follow Hollywood’s golden stars. That being said though, Ryan Reynolds seems like a pretty cool dude, and everything I have heard suggests that he is a true two-wheeled enthusiast.

The star of Van Wilder (and more recently Deadpool) has been spotted practicing his powerslides at SoCal Supermoto, and he has more than a couple motorcycles in his garage, one of which is a custom café racer made by Kott Motorcycles, which is the subject of the video after the jump.

Our favorite Ryan Reynolds story though centers around how the Hollywood star was so enthralled with the Mission R electric motorcycle, that he tried to tempt the San Franciscan startup with a blank cheque offer for one of his very own. Mission Motors declined, which seems like a missed opportunity to me.

While not all of us can spend six-figures-plus on a motorcycle, the excellent short video below, by Bryan Rowland, features a story that should resonate with any motorcyclist, as Reynolds talks about the freedom he finds while escaping on the open road.

The next time you wave to a rider in the LA area, or trade words in the comment section of BikeEXIF, take pause, it might be Ryan.

Source: Vimeo