MV Agusta Gets in on the Bottle Cap Challenge

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Is there anything better than a viral media craze? Remember when people were pouring ice buckets on their heads for ALS? Or how about the second wind that the FaceApp has right now on social media?

Well, the latest one is called the bottle cap challenge, and it is as dumb as all the rest – though, you should donate money to ALS research.

Basically, you find a creative way to spin the cap off a bottle of soda, and put the video on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/Grindr for all to see. Easy, right?

Well I have to say, MV Agusta found a smart and on-brand way to do this, and it doesn’t involve a naked woman dry-humping a motorcycle…so…bonus points there.

Source: MV Agusta (Instagram)

Jensen Beeler

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