Don’t Be Afraid of Getting a Little Dirty

09/02/2013 @ 1:56 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


Do remember when you were kid how pretty much any sport (yes, even baseball) was infinitely better in the mud and the rain? Shirts soaked, pants soiled, grass and mud stains everywhere…and maybe even a bruise or two to match, there is something about slipping and sliding in the rain that amplifies the fun you have.

Well, today I think we found the adult motorcycle version of this theory: a bunch of friends, a bunch of bikes, and a bunch of mess. If some good wholesome hooning in the muck doesn’t remind you that motorcycles are supposed to be fun, well..I feel sorry for you. A quick thank you to the folks at 4H10 for reminding us of that.

Source: 4H10 (Vimeo)

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  • paulus – Thailand

    You want your motorcycle ‘fix’, sliding about, wheeling and generally having a great time, at speeds that are survivable… off-road is where it is at. Whether plodding about (like this) or full on enduro.
    Throw a bunch of like minded friends into the mix and it’s a great time on 2 wheels.
    Asphalt is great… but dirt, sand, rocks and mud are great too!

  • D Man

    Street bikes in mud with street rubber…? Why? You won’t move. Dumb.

  • anders ‘ace’ eliasson

    Tried off-roading my BSA 650 once, didn’t work all that well :^) … my XRR much better suited for this …


  • Paulo

    Me like….

    Good video.

  • tony

    thats fuckin hilarious! and lots more fun than my last trackday…

  • Campisi

    Stop making me want a Ural Solo sT, damnit!

  • Matt

    makes me want to put tred on my hornet 919…..

  • You’re welcome guys !

    It was a lot of fun. Yeah street rubber are not the best ones for this. But with balls and full throttle you can go anywhere :)

  • Calvin

    It is not as fun as they make it look. I’d much rather do a track day.