Video: How to Ride a Sidecar

10/31/2016 @ 11:35 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


Every motorcyclist should ride a sidecar at some point in their life, if for no other reason than to live on the wild side. If you really want to get silly with it, you should take vintage-fueled romp on a Ural – a Russian sidecar that is “based” off a pre-WII BMW sidecar design.

You really have to be a special breed to own a Ural, and while a good mechanical background isn’t a pre-requisite, it certainly helps with those “unplanned stops” that may occur.

While most motorcyclists are turned off by the quirks of the sidecar brand, Ural owners love their machines, and have an almost cult-like relationship Russian company.

Take this video from the good folk at Good Spark Garage, which instructs us on how to properly ride a sidecar. Like everything else in the Uralverse, it takes a light-hearted approach to life, the universe, and everything. We think you will enjoy it.

Source: Ural (YouTube) via Good Spark Garage

  • paulus

    Awesome fun… loaded the 2 kids up in a sidecar attached to a Honda Cub 90 and travelled the countryside. Many hundreds of miles… watching the scenery and grinning like idiots
    (we even took the dog too) :)

  • Bruce Steever

    “How to ride a sidecar: Don’t.”

  • UnsteadyVelocity

    The struggle – and the exhilaration – riding a Ural is real.

  • Tinus van der Westhuizen

    I rented one of these, admittedly older version of the one in the video, as my wedding vehicle. Had loads of fun riding 150km to the venue with my best man.
    Not so much fun on the way back, alone, and a max speed of 60km/h.
    O, and it rained on the day of the wedding….