Watch Some Honda Gold Wings Shred the Washington BDR

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You know how every family has that one weird uncle? That is what the Honda Gold Wing is to the motorcycle industry – or more specifically, that is what Honda Gold Wing riders are to the motorcycle industry.

They are nice. They ride a lot. They are into it, and generally mean well. But…Gold Wing riders are just a little different from you and I.

They farkle, hard. They love CB radio, and 100,000 miles is just “break’in er in” for them. They put car tires on the rear wheel, and rear tires on their front wheel. These are God’s lost sheep on two-wheels.

So, I say all this to frame the video you are about to watch, which is four minutes of Gold Wing adventure riding.

It is actually pretty amazing how the venerable touring bike handles the trails when shod with some TKC80 tires, but then again…we really shouldn’t be that surprised.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!