Girl’z MotoCamp – For Ladies Only

04/04/2014 @ 5:30 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


Motorcycles are a good time out. If you are reading Asphalt & Rubber, then you already know this simple truth. So with such a basic offering, why do we struggle to bring more people into this sport?

We have already seen the FIM’s recent efforts to encourage and foster female road racers at the international level, but what are we doing at the domestic level?

How are we encouraging this sport and this industry to the other 50% of the American population, especially when we don’t have a robust female community that uses two-wheels for their urban commute?

Well recently one such answer to that question came in the form of the girls-only Girl’z MotoCamp put on by our friend Shelina Moreda.

An FIM and AMA Pro Racing rider, Moreda is no stranger to racing in a man’s world, and she is well aware of the limited number of entry points for ladies into motorcycling  — you may have seen that she recently penned a story on A&R about teaching at the FIM girls camp in Spain, just a few months ago.

Sure, lady riders can sign-up for any number of the available track days, riding courses, and racing schools that are already heavily utilized and dominated by male riders.

However, consider for a minute that the Girl’z MotoCamp is one part of a two-pronged approach that sees both integrated and separate offerings for women as being essential to growing the number of women who enjoy motorcycles.

Open only to the ladies (of all ages), and instructed only by female riders, the idea is to create a welcoming environment for women who want to ride, and learn to ride better.

The potential for the industry is huge, potentially doubling motorcycling’s consumer base; but for now, we’ll just say it looks like a good time out on two-wheels, and isn’t that what being on a motorcycle is all about?

For those riders sporting a pari of X chromosomes, your next opportunity to ride with Moreda and her girls is April 25th-27th. And hopefully, Moreda’s efforts will spur other girls-only camps throughout the US that will encourage women to swing a leg over a motorcycle and give the boys a run for their money.

Source: She’z Racing

  • paulus

    I am all for more women getting into motorcycling. Good luck with the event and the participation.
    The world needs more women motorcyclists (and motorcyclists in general).

    On the flip side.
    Not sure that my wife would understand if I went into the desert with a mixed group… or even went to a specifically billed ‘all male’ bike fest. LOL

  • TexusTim

    why? good lord why dont they stay home, clean the house and cook dinner.

  • Racing is the ultimate free market economy where the cream rises to the top – If women were competing at or above the level of their male counterparts then they would get these same opportunities.

    The problem is it’s tough to fight genetics, which is why I am not a pro basketball player.

    In order to have equality you have to come to the undeniable conclusion that many sports have like Golf and Basketball have that the sexes are inherently different.

    I support the idea of of increasing female participation in motorcycling, but no more so than I support getting Eskimos on motorcycles. Equality means equal treatment, not special treatment. Giving last place Danica a ride she hasn’t earned is inequality at it’s most sexiest.

    There are some fantastic female instructors out there, when I attended Cal Superbike School years ago Kristi Martel was one of my instructors, she raced on the weekends and was much faster than me, so I listened when she spoke about technique, it was that simple.

    There were several women there taking lessons, none of who I thought would be better served by isolating them and taking out there male counterparts.

  • Kalle

    This is great! Competitive bike events are mostly just huge sausage fests right now, I’m for anything that will change that.

  • buellracerx

    @twoversion – well said. Great idea by Shelina, hope it goes well for her and the females she inspires. That being said, everyone’s the same gender with the visor down. No special treatment out on track.

  • mudgun

    @ twoversion ” Open only to the ladies (of all ages), and instructed only by female riders, the idea is to create a welcoming environment for women who want to ride, and learn to ride better. Why are you discussing racing equality when the article never mentioned racing and is not about racing ” ?