The “hipster” – legitimate cultural phenomena or overused punch line? As the young and the over-caffeinated discover ever more banal and superficial means of self-expression and fronting authenticity, the rest of society looks on in disgust.

Current trends indicate that the proliferation of hipsterdom has spurred on a parallel industry of bloggers, commentators, and inspired cynics to reaction. The quantity of rolled-eyes and judgmental stares is proportionally tracking the sales in raw denim and aviators.

Bullshit Hipster Bike Videos” is a relative newcomer to the cacophony of grumpy social critics incensed at the sight of the displaced café lumberjack. Since its inception in August of 2013, the author of the blog has excoriated these neo-café racers, amateur moto-philosophers, and urban aesthetes with their penchant for “classic” metal.

Motorcycling has provided fertile ground for the young, urban, and bearded (aka “Yubbies”) to enact their perennial fantasies of individualism, historical cultural authenticity and freedom.

For some unfathomable reason, the Yubbies have managed to fold in motorcycling as a natural ancillary activity to their preoccupations in crepe-soled leather boots, piercings, coffee, and toeing the contradiction between drinking working-class and/or craft beer.

I’m not really bothered with it all. If folks want to front a vintage style whilst filming their weekly city boulevard cruise, thinking themselves a hybrid of Brando, McQueen, and Paul Bunyan, then so be it; there are far worse things to fantasize about.

  • I love the image. Good shit, man!

  • Gabe T

    Literally laughed out loud at that image….classic.

  • billl murray perhaps you’ve seen me in some movies?

    you of course are not counted among these “amateur moto-philosophers” right jensen?

  • Bluey

    alright, say what ya will about hipsters and their mc videos, hipsters are at least an open-minded bunch. actively searching for their own kind of ‘authenticity’ is cool with me.

    bring on all the stubbly faces and butter-smooth hands feigning biker legitimacy in slow motion videos posing beside someone else’s project cafe racer. bring it on! it’s cool enough to inspire real interest in motorcycling.

    for all those who can’t get over new faces and ideas within our beautiful lifestyle, get over yourselves. there’s room here for everyone.

  • amateur moto-philosopher: one who attempts to find higher meaning – to life and existence – in the literal and elemental facts of motorcycles and motorcycling. Hence, we see titles such as “Blood and Oil” and “Iron and Resin.” These people also tend to randomly quote T.E. Lawrence to some how add significance to their “life-changing” hobby.

  • B.D.McGee

    Three cheers for BSHV. I find it uproariously funny and accurate.
    Someone needed to say it.

  • Hey thanks for the link you guys, we’re working on a non tumblr version. Too bad we didn’t have it ready in time.

  • Banned

    2 possible annoyances –

    the cost of a cheap, knock around/get around town ride will shoot through the rough like what happened to Puch’s. They went from “FREE get it out of my garage” to a few grand on craigslist.

    The Dirtbag challenge will have to contend with both RUBs (because that’s already happening), and now hipsters turning it into some trendy event.

  • meatspin

    i cant watch. The germans call it Fremdscham.

    Still, I’ve seen worse, and these folks showcased in these videos are completely harmless. They really do know how to keep their scene and their fun times going.

  • Norm G.

    they’re at least riding ICE (ice baby) and not trying to sh!#t electrons if that’s worth anything.

  • Norm G.

    re: “For some unfathomable reason, the Yubbies have managed to fold in motorcycling as a natural ancillary activity to their preoccupations in crepe-soled leather boots, piercings, coffee…”

    …and hair care products. god forbid you forget Paul Mitchell.

  • smiler

    Anyone would think A&R have become British.

    Anything that gets more people interested in motorcycling, employing more people in the industry and promoting it is fine with me.

    Let’s face it most Hog riders are the same but worse.

    Oh and unlike the bikerboyz morons they do not intimidate and try to kill people who disagree with the puerile antics.

  • jeram

    I was listening to a radio show about hipter-ism last week. was very interesting and informative as I, myself, am quasi-hipster.

    there is alot of poser hipster-ism present at the momment and the true meaning of being a hipster is slowly being lost as it is replaced by only the aethetic side of hipsterism.

    I know know that Hipster-ism at its core is a blend of sincerity and sarcasm.
    The sincerity includes logic steps to reduce our impact on the world though eating local foods and supporting community involvement.
    The sarcasm includes taking swipes at society mainly through aesthetics (clothing and consumables) and their attitude (‘stick it to the man’, 80’s punk style)

    I learnt alot during that hour segment and have a greater appreciation for hipster-ism now.
    Its just a pity that the true meaning is being being diluted now and that the ‘time of the hipster’ is coming to and end after 15 years and will likely be replaced by a pure sincere culture which is likely already in its grass roots stages (according to experts).

  • tony

    norm? calling norm! come on ! be smart! be funny! dig deep- let em have it!

  • SBPilot

    @Jeram: Like many other things that begin as grassroots, once it popularizes, it gets diluted and commercialized, eventually becoming social norm and mainstream.

    The Punk/Ska/Skater style back in the 90’s suffered same fate. The music, the brands associated with the sub culture etc. became diluted and eventually all went mainstream. Brands like Billabong, Quicksilver, DVS, etc. became available at your mall, where as before, they were unknown brands. Remember, all those mixed skate/board videos with ska music?

    Hipster is going through that phase as well, except, instead of skateboards, you have motorcycles, same over priced apparel, and even the edited motorcycling videos to go with it all.

    Many sub cultures go through this.

  • Paul McM

    I want to give the creator of this BS Bike Videos Blog a medal. Daring to speak the truth, I nearly got tossed from Pipeburn after noting that one of the hipster bikes was completely unrideable, and all the customizations showed evidence of pathetic fabricating skills and bad aesthetics. The self-important videos are so laughable. Fashionista guys on ratty (but expensive) machines, wearing stupid helmets, acting like their lifestyle is somehow profound and rebellious and important. In fact they are just geeky poseurs who waste money on stupid stuff and, well, simply don’t seem to understand that stuff that works is better than “hip” stuff that doesn’t work.

  • Saw an “artisan hand made” 1700 dollar motorcycle jacket today that had no armor of any kind and some Bell generic tshirts that were 30 for made in some other land and 40 for made in USA and I just thought WTF!?!

    But then again Vance and Hines released and Iphone interface that can reflash the factory ecu for Harleys so not all hipster driven things are suck.

  • veetwin

    “toeing the contradiction between drinking working-class and/or craft beer”. So true.

  • John Mith


    Well played sir. I as well look forward to Norm’s commentary on this.

    I’m not a fan of the concept of defined subcultures and desperately conforming into them. Hipsters are just another group of people trying to fit in by not fitting in. There is something to admire of course with their not fitting in but that gets lost when they emulate one another so often and become so predictable. Of course it’s always worked this way. I’m sure many of us remember the Goths, Emo’s and countless other subcultures that emulated on another, inbreeding themselves into extinction.

  • Andrew

    Awesome blog, thanks for sharing!

  • paulus

    Motorcyclists – a multitude of individuals, many groups of sub-cultures… millions of individuals; each and every member of the sub-group all demonstrating how individual we are…. by dressing and behaving the same as our clan.

    Power ranger sport riders
    Flip front clad adventure riders
    Land pirates
    … now hipsters

    We are doomed. Best go ride to ease the pain.

  • HenryJLittlefinger

    Congrats, HNasty.
    And thanks Aakash for spreading the gospel.

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