Take a Lap Around the VR46 Moto Ranch Flat Track Circuit with Valentino Rossi

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It is no secret that motorcycle racers at the top of the sport use flat track as a way to hone their skills during the season. The practice dates all the way back to Kenny Roberts Sr., and has stayed in the grand prix paddock ever since.

Like all great champions though, Valentino Rossi has taken things to the next level, building his own private flat track course near his home in Tavullia, Italy.

A sweeping circuit with a variety of configurations, the venue is the perfect place for Rossi and his friends to hone their two-wheeled craft, and it is a training ground for the VR46 Academy crew.

Now, we finally get to see what a full lap around the VR46 Moto Ranch is like, with none other than Valentino Rossi to guide us through the turns.

Give it a watch, and we highly recommend turning on YouTube’s subtitle feature, if you don’t speak Italian and want to understand what Rossi has to say about his private race course.

Source: Dainese

Jensen Beeler

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