This GSX-R1000 Dirt Bike Is Helping Keep Finland Weird

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I will let you in on a little Scandinavian secret. We don’t really include Finland in the crowd. No party invites, no secret handshakes, and certainly no reindeer jerky Christmas baskets.

Sure, it might seem like the Finns are part of the viking neighborhood, but the Finnish are a bit…different from rest of their Nordic neighbors.

Culturally, Finland has more influence from its Russian border, and the Finnish language sounds nothing like the East Nordic languages of Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, which are almost interchangeable with each other.

This has left Finland as the odd ball in the region, and it spills over into their culture. For exhibit A, I bring you this two-wheeled example. Behold what may possibly the most powerful dirt bike ever created.

Based off a Suzuki GSX-R1000 platform, this four-cylinder dirt-shredder looks like a one-way ticket to the sairaala, as can be seen with stunt rider Juha Ruokolainen at the controls.

A quick rapping of the brap stick, and we can see the puut flying by, with the familiar note of one of the most iconic superbike names on the market. No need to join the Ilmavoimat, this four-banger can get you airborne all on its own. It is truly impressive.

Kippis, my Finnish friends! Keep on keeping Finland weird.

Source: Stunt Freaks Team