This Video of the Segway Apex Does More Harm than Good

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It would be incorrect to say that we are eagerly awaiting the Segway Apex, an electric motorcycle from the recognizable urban transport brand. While the bike looks intriguing, we are skeptical of its actual abilities.

Set to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on the second week of January, one the motorcycle items of note is this electric motorcycle concept from Segway.

The Chinese-owned brand has been teasing its Apex for a couple weeks now, though details are still light on this potential future model. All we know right now is that parent company Ninebot says that the Segway Apex will do 125 mph / 0-60 in 2.9 seconds.

For a motorcycle named the Apex though, it is curious that it gets nowhere near its namesake during this promotional video (shown above). From this quick YouTube job, we can also be left assured that no knee pucks were hurt during the making of this production.

All of this low-speed riding could just be constraints from the rider or from the production crew for filming, or it could tip us off on what to expect from Segway as it enters the true motorcycle space.

The spec-sheet (and now this video) suggests not a big horsepower electric superbike that is suitable for race track riding, but instead something more along the design parameters of an Aprilia RS4 125, which looks like its superbike sibling, but offers only entry-level street performance and aspirational promises.

So, countdown the days until CES if you are interested in what is coming from Segway (and the other brands that are seemingly eyeing the two-wheeled space). There is certainly going to be some interesting headlines from Sin City.

But, we think those headlines aren’t so much the products that will be on the display from the likes of Segway et al, but instead the interest that these products represent, which hopefully will be enough to coax more established players to the EV table.

Source: Segway via Visordown