Segway Apex Electric Motorcycle Concept Debuts Ahead of CES

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Known better for its self-balancing standing two-wheeled vehicles, Segway is brand to watch in the electric mobility space righ now, as it continues to push into more establish mobility sectors.

For instance, the brand had a convincing electric mountain bike / moped on display at EICMA, and now as we get ready for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Segway has another model designed to get our attention: the Apex concept.

Though the bike has an obvious superbike look to it, Segway is calling the machine a “super scooter” with some interesting specs to back that up: 125 mph / 0-60 in 2.9 seconds.

Those are the only details that Segway-Ninebot is releasing at this time, though we would imagine that more concrete specifications will come forth at CES in the New Year.

Looking at the concept though, we can see what looks like a proper motorcycle, though it is without any of the street-legal bits that would be require if/when it goes into production.

For now, we will be left guess as to whether the Segway Apex concept will see production in the near future, or if the concept is just an attention grabber for CES, so that Segway can promote its more mundane scooter offerings and other personal transport vehicles.

As such, stay tuned. Thanks for the tip, JC!

Source: Electric Motorcycle News