2011 Aprilia RS4 125 Comes to America

11/02/2010 @ 5:16 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

American youths can rejoice to the news that the 2011 Aprilia RS4 125 will be coming to the United States for 2011. The four-stroke 125cc beginner bike may only have 15hp, but it has been done-up to look like the RSV4, and that’s what matters right? Replacing the RS125, the RS4 125 is supposedly just a Derbi in sheep’s clothing, but considering both brands come from the Piaggio mother ship, we fail to see why that would be an issue to a 16-year-old who has somehow managed to convince his/her parents to buy them a motorcycle. The liquid-cooled, four-valve, DOHC motor comes with electric fuel-injection, and is mated to a six-speed gearbox. Weight is 264 lbs with a full 3.8 gallon tank of gas. Technical Specifications after the jump.

2011 Aprilia RS4 125 Technical Specifications:

Engine type: Four stroke liquid cooled single cylinder with electronic injection and 4 valves. Euro 3 homologated
Bore and stroke: 58 X 47 mm
Engine capacity: 124.8 cc
Timing system: Double overhead camshaft – DOHC
Compression ratio: 12.5 ± 0.5:1
ECU: Magneti Marelli MIU G3 32 MM DIAM.
Ignition: Electronic with CDI capacity discharge
Starting: Electric
Alternator: 13V – 235W
Lubrication: Wet sump

Gearbox: 6 speed.
1st 11/33 (0.33) 2nd 15/30 (0.50) 3rd 18/27 (0.67) 4th 20/24 (0.83) 5th 25/27 (0.92) 6th 23/22 (1.05)
Primary drive Gears: 73/24 (3.04)
Final drive Chain: 49/14 (3.50)
Clutch: Multiple discs, in oil bath

Frame: Aluminum perimeter frame
Front suspension: 41 mm upside down fork, wheel excursion 110 mm
Rear suspension: Asymmetric swingarm with monoshock, wheel travel 130 mm
Brakes: Front: 300 mm stainless steel disc with radial 4 piston caliper; Rear: 218 mm stainless steel disc and caliper with single 25 mm piston
Wheel rims: light alloy with 6 split spokes, with sealing profile for tubeless tyres; Front: 2.75 x 17″; Rear: 3.50 x 17″
Tyres: Front: 110/80 – 17″, rear: 130/70 – 17″

Max. Length: 1953 mm
Max width: 740 mm
Max height at top fairing: 1,138 mm
Saddle height: 820 mm
Wheelbase: 1,350 mm
Fuel tank capacity: 14.5 liters (including 3.5 liter reserve)

Source: Aprilia

  • bikepilot

    That should make an awesome replacement for the RS50 provided the weight and price are reasonable. An excellent first-bike for a new, young, light rider looking for a racer-rep. Would be great if we had some sort of young-rider tiered license that would, say let 14 and 15yr olds ride them too :)

  • Mickey

    Why a 125cc. If it was a 250 it could compete with the Ninja 250, and new Honda 250 single. Sadly I don’t think a 125 will sell well here in the states.

  • Ed Wood

    Hopefully there is a 250cc model in the pipeline. That 125cc RS4 is substantially lighter than the Japanese 250cc bikes. The top speed will be lower, but it probably doesn’t feel that much slower while going the speed limit.

  • How much?? Looks like a nice light weight bike but if it costs too much it won’t sell.

    @bikepilot–I hear you *but* the last thing we want is to lower the permit/license age. A tiered licensed (for both riders and drivers) is a good idea and something we should seriously consider.

  • MikeD

    GOOD NEWS! Hope they sell a Million Metric Tons of it.

    Now bring the EFI 250 version to directly compete with the soon to come Honda CBR250R and Ninja 250.

    I would buy one(125 or 250) just to stare at it for hours on my back porch…or give as a present to my Godson someday.

  • Shaman

    What we really want to see is the 550 SXV engine in a similar lightweight frame…!

  • MikeD

    That glorified 450/550 Engine is NO GOOD AT ALL for a STREET Application. Do a search and see how long it goes betwin oil changes, valve clearances check and adjusting and them major overhaul(new cylinders,pistons,u mention it) and i bet parts ain’t down to “japanese” prices.
    I think my Bladder’s Capacity is bigger than this engines Oil Capacity.

    Not so great now, AH ? LOL. Don’t get me wrong, i think they are both Technology GEMS but just not good enough to live up and put up to the NEGLECTED HARD LIFE street engines are subjected to.

    All of the above is relative tho, as changes can be made to both to make them dependable and reliable while still putting out “decent” power.

  • Bob

    I think this is an awesome bike but i think bringing the 125cc learner legal version here is a mistake. As MANY people have said, this bike would be MUCH better with a 250cc engine. It would weigh A LOT less than the ninja 250 or cbr250, handle better and look better. I think with a 250, aprilia could really steal a lot of business from kawasaki and honda, even with a higher price tag. It would easily be the best 250 available.

    Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people would buy a lightweight, sporty, small displacement bike. This bike has all these things and looks great too, but this type of bike needs to be a 250.

    APRILIA, BRING THIS BIKE TO NORTH AMERICA AS A 250!!! And you will have a winner!

  • Why not tell us the price , anyway 250 would be the to sale in us , 150 its will do wrong market in us, my comment is bring this 150cc market to ASIA its will be the best looking bike on street and the pocket for young drivers

  • Aprilia rs4 125 to Viet Nam, you will be the winner , I may be your first dealer in Viet Nam

  • tong ting

    c’mon Aprilia – US needs 250cc minimum – has anyone from the company ever rode on US streets or highways? come on over and give it a try – then you’ll see the need for a 250cc minimum.


  • Doug

    If gas hits $4/gal or $5 as some are forecasting next year, this bike will be a hot seller.

  • @Doug: I think bikes in general will sell if gas does that ($4/gallon is totally going to happen, it’s already $3.50 here in San Francsico), I’m not too sure about this bike though. It’s not even highway legal in most states.