Up-Close with the Suter MMX 500

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By my nature, I am a critical person. This isn’t exactly a desirable personality trait, but it serves me well in my chosen profession. Accordingly, I rarely ever use words like “perfect” or “flawless” when describing something. It’s just not in my nature.

From my lens, there is always room for improvement. But, when it comes to seeing the Suter MMX 500 up-close and in person, I had to rethink my usual choice of words. I will sidestep superlatives and simply say that the Suter MMX 500 is a true rider’s motorcycle.

On the Suter MMX 500, there are no electronic rider aids, no ride-by-wire throttles, no kickstands, mirrors, or lights. There is nothing on this machine that doesn’t serve a purpose, and the only acceptable purpose is to go as fast as possible.

Loyal Asphalt & Rubber readers should already know the Suter MMX 500, but in case you don’t, this is a 576cc, V4, two-stroke motorcycle that only wants to live on the race track. That is to say, kickstands are not optional…they are forbidden.

With the MMX 500, Suter is taking us back to a time when men were men, and they rode powerful machines that had narrow powerbands. One wrong move, and you were in orbit. The Suter MMX 500 is the modern refresh of this idea, taken to its most idealistic state with 195hp on tap from the 280-pound machine.

Retaining the difficulty and charm of the dangerous but potent 500GP formula, and adding in modern-day chassis design with today’s superior suspension and braking parts, the Suter MMX 500 is the kind of bike old crusty riders are referring to when they talk about “the good old days” of yesteryear.

In person, the bike doesn’t disappoint. Everything is laid out exactly the way it should be, with virtually no wires to be seen, and every part is obsessively put in its proper place. The attention to detail is superb, enough to please even my levels of OCD and general pickiness.

The pristine carbon fiber work gives way to beautifully and purposefully machined metal parts. It helps too that the Suter MMX 500 drips in top-shelf go-fast parts.

In the sunshine found at Laguna Seca this week, the Suter MMX is a sight to behold. If you were not in attendance in California, the cost of admission was easily worth a glimpse of this machine. I hear there were some races going on as well.

This may have been your one-and-only chance to behold the Suter, as only 99 units will be made by the Swiss brand. Priced at $135,000 in the USA, this kind of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap. But then again, it shouldn’t – you are not worthy.

Photos: © 2017 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0