The veil has finally been removed for the relaunching of Suter’s two-stroke grand prix track bike, now named the Suter MMX 500. As expected, the machine gets a modest makeover visually, and appears to remain largely unchanged mechanically.

Officially making 195hp at 13,000 rpm, the Suter MMX 500 weighs a paltry 280 pounds (127kg). For that kind of power-to-weight ratio, you are going to have to spend some serious coin, 120,000 CHF ($123,360 in today’s money). Only 99 examples of this machine will be built – all to customer-spec, of course.

That price tag gets you a 576cc two-stroke V4 engine, that has a 56 x 58.5mm bore and stroke, double counter-rotating crankshafts, and electronic fuel injection. Suter says that power plant is good to get the MMX 500 up to a true 195 mph (310 km/h).

Suter hopes that interested buyers will field their machine in the GP Bike Legends series, which pits two-stroke era racers back on their smokey machines. We’re not so sure about that, but the Suter MMX 500 is easily the ultimate track day queen.




Technical Specifications of the Suter MMX 500 GP Bike:

Engine Technical Specifications
ENGINE TYPE 4 Cylinder V4 two stroke with
double counter rotating crankshaft
BORE X STROKE 56 x 58,5
MAX. REVS 13’000
MAX POWER 195 hp
ASPIRATION Electronic fuel injection
four port throttle body
four carbon reed valves
electronic controlled
EXHAUST Akrapovic four single resonance
Titanium chambers
GEARBOX SRT six speed cassette gearbox
CLUTCH TYPE SuterClutch multi disc dry
Chassis Technical Specifications
FRAME CNC machined Aluminium twin spar with multi adjustable
steering/wheelbase/riding position/height
SWINGARM Aluminium swingarm, CNC machined, adjustable
SUSPENSION Öhlins upside down front fork & rear shock; all adjustable for pre-load,
compression & rebound damping. Different rear links available
WHEELS OZ (Magnesium or Aluminium)
17x 3.75 Front
17x 6.0 Rear
TYRES 125/75 R 17 Front
205/75 R 17 Rear
Two 320mm steel front disc with 4 piston calipers
One 218 mm steel rear disc with 2 piston caliper
FUEL TANK Carbon Fibre / Inbuilt fuel pump
BODYWORK Carbon Fibre
DATA RECORDING 2D (optional)

Source: Suter

  • Nice bike, horrible price.

  • Mickey

    I don’t see any mention of electronics. I’d be really curious to see a dyno chart. Under 300lbs, almost 200hp. If it has a power curve like a true GP 2 stroke this bike is high side heaven in the hands of the chumps that can afford the $123k. I hope Suter made a lot of spare bodywork.

  • Gadfly57

    My thoughts exactly! This sounds like it would only work in the hands of retired pro’s.

  • It’s not a bike for a beginner, that’s for sure. You’d be surprised how many wealthy and fast riders are out there though. I doubt Suter will have any problem selling the 99 units they plan to make.

  • LeDelmo

    … Wasn’t the whole point of going back to 2 stroke, to make things better for cheaper?
    I guess Suter didn’t get that memo…

    Well this thing ant going to be doing anything for the revlivel of the 2 stroke. So hopefully the enduro market can get the flag up that steep hill.

    DI will be the savor of the 2 stroke its just a matter of who will make the move first. We are all looking to KTM “They got the motor’s” but they are waiting for a competitor before they jump in…

  • grahluk

    Holy bejeezus is that the moto porn star of the year! Sorry Honda, this girl’s lighter, tighter, more powerful, and not some dressed up street walker like the RCV.

    That Rothman’s livery is enough to bring a tear to one’s eye. I wonder if this comes with any spares or what sort of supply there will be for pistons, cranks, valves, & other smoker consumables?


    MMX500 or RCV213VS?

  • n/a

    576cc, fuel injection saps some power so they had to increase the cc’s?

  • Mitchel Durnell

    This cannot be registered and ridden on the street. The RCV can.

  • John

    Definitely NSR576 with Rothmans livery.

  • TCWB

    for that kind of price… i’d hope they’d give you a dyno chart…

  • sburns2421

    I would love to see what a “modern” two-stroke like this with a little extra displacement as it has, as well as modern electronics could do against four-strokes in a true race setting.

  • grahluk

    In the us it can be registered and ridden on the street with more weight and less power than my lightly massaged CBR600RR. Even in track trim that equation for the RCV only comes up to about 200hp. This Suter won’t be as collectible because it doesn’t have a Honda badge but if you want pure GP thrills and the deep pockets to indulge this kicks that neutered Honda’s ass.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    As a track only rider myself, having a machine that can only be ridden on the track is very limiting. Why I bother with this Suter when I could get a worked late model liter bike that will go just as fast in capable hands around the track? The RCV remains the only race bike copy that I could take to the corner cafe on a fall day with fully working lights and signals.

  • grahluk

    Fair enough. I’m a Honda man myself that get’s noticeably aroused by HRC logos. Smart money would be with the RCV on a number of points. As a pure unadulterated track toy though this 500 is hard to beat.

  • Any reason they decided to go 576 and not stay at 500cc? Is it of any significance?

  • Roasted Piglet

    Where can it be registered and ridden without USDOT and EPA certification?

  • paulus

    I recall that there is a smaller bore option. 56 x 56.
    56 x 58.5 being the bigger alternative option. Probably the one used for the press as it makes the most power (?)

  • Right on..thanks for the clarification