Norton Teases Future 650cc Street Bike

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Norton is getting closer to releasing its next motorcycle, this one being a 650cc twin-cylinder street bike. As you can see above in the photo, courtesy of our friends at MotoFire, the Norton 650 will take a roadster form, with a positively vintage vibe.

The bike will serve as a platform though, for several 650cc motorcycles, one of which will be the basis for an Isle of Man TT race bike.

Said to make around 100hp, the Norton 650 would be a potent weapon in the Lightweight TT race class. It would also serve as a good counterpoint to Norton’s 1200cc superbike project.

Though today we also see drawings of the machine (MotoFire has a couple more concepts that you should check out), we were expecting to see this model in the flesh in the fall…of last year.

First teased back in August 2015, it is hard to say why the Norton 650 project is so far behind schedule, but the same was true for the British marque’s superbike project, so we’re not sure why we expected differently.

An attractive machine though, we hope that Norton Motorcycles can get it to market before the vintage look has faded from the motorcycle industry.

Source: MotoFire

Jensen Beeler

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