Norton Motorcycles recently got £4 million in grant funding from the UK government, funds that will go towards creating a new manufacturing facility, more jobs, and new models. All-in-all, it’s good news for the British marque and its suppliers, who will also benefit from the grant.

The good news for us though is that Norton plans to bring to market a 200hp V4-powered sport bike, not too dissimilar to the “SG” models that have been raced at the Isle of Man TT.

Adding to the good news is that British site Bike Social has gotten their hands on the sketches, and had a chance to talk to Norton’s Head of Design, Simon Skinner, about the new model and Norton’s future.

According to Skinner, the new superbike will have a 1,200cc V4 engine that makes over 200hp. The machine is supposed to go head-to-head with the 1,285cc v-twin of the Ducati 1299 Panigale – though obviously won’t be sanctioned in any superbike racing class.

Norton’s engine will be developed by Ricardo Motorcycles, and will take cues from British car marques like Aston Martin and other designs in the British F1 corridor that Norton is situated in.

Other models on the books from Norton are a 650cc parallel-twin sport bike, which is said to re-think the segment, as well as a rumored electric model.

We look forward to seeing what Norton brings to market; though admittedly, we are disappointed that the rotary-powered NRV588 project is no longer under development.




Source: Bike Social

  • Mitchel Durnell

    Sure, ok.

    Will be interesting to see reality collide with the fantasy of that exhaust. And probably most of the bike, to be honest.

  • CortexUK

    And if you believe that, here, I have some magic beans I’d like to sell you.


  • BBQdog

    1200cc so it can’t run against competition in any sports class (to be on the safe side ?).

  • Bruce Steever

    Don’t rich people have enough high-hp vehicles that they don’t know how to drive/ride on which to waste their money? Does the market need another? Can it support another?

  • Mitchel Durnell

    This reminds me a lot of that Lotus superbike that had nothing much to do with Lotus.

  • mb

    and I have naively thought, that Energica Ego will never have a sibling…

  • sburns2421

    Keep in mind the only part of this bike they haven’t built is the engine, some version of this raced at the IOMTT this year using an RSV4 engine.
    I say only, the engine is a huge undertaking. But what if Aprilia built a bored and stroked version of the RSV4 for Norton? Aprilia has manufactured for others before (IIRC the BMW 650 “Funduro” was built by Aprilia for a time).

  • teanau

    or super biking

  • Alex

    “Other models on the books from Norton are a 650cc parallel-twin sport bike, which is said to re-think the segment”

    Okay, thanks. Let us know how the re-thinking goes. I’ve always thought that if something’s worth a think, it’s definitely worth a re-think.

  • More hyperbole from Norton. Here’s a thought… try making good on all the deposits the company took.

  • Mike Edwards

    I’d like to see a 650 twin (an SV650R perhaps) with a good chassis, quality suspension, and 80-100 hp. Something compared to the old 400 cc 4 cylinders but with a cheaper tractable but still sporty engine.

  • Mike Edwards

    Not really, a twin with a turbo isn’t any cheaper than a 4 cyl 1000, though probably lighter than a 1000.

  • coreyvwc

    But they didn’t build that bike, it was a custom Spondon chassis with an Aprilla engine inside. It just had some Norton stickers on the gas tank. Norton outsources everything.

  • Jensen, you and I must have similar tastes. I purposely selected this article to comment on the loss of the rotary engine. I don’t care about all the arguments about it’s true displacement, I just wish to see them race.

    Anyway – I have my ideas on what a manufacturer should really bring to market, but I’m withholding it, since once I put it out there, it surely will be stolen. ;)


    Oh! You want it to be cheap too!

    There in lies the problem. You can have a good chassis and good suspension or you can have inexpensive. But you can’t have both.

  • Mike Edwards

    I don’t want it cheap, I want a lighter, less complex, more tractable engine. I want the chassis (or close to it) and suspension.brakes of a 600cc sportbike but with an 80-100 hp ~650 cc twin. The SV650 engine costs less than the gsxr600, cbr600, or r6 engine. If they charge somewhere in between the $11,200 for the gsxr600 and the $7700 for the Gladius, I’d be happy.


    You want a Duke 690.

  • NoWayJose

    I laughed so hard, my keyboard is covered in coffee. $4 million pounds isn’t enough to develop this thing, I bet and oh, I have some ocean-front property in Arizona for sale…

  • Mike Edwards

    I love the Duke 690, but I think I just convinced myself I want a Ducati Monster 796/821.


    I haven’t had an opportunity to ride the 821 Monster yet. I imagine that it’s a fantastic bike. I put a lot of miles on a Hypermotard 1100 and prefer it to the 821 Hypermotard though. I love the character of the air/oil cooled Ducatis and I will own another. Despite the required maintenance. If you’re anything like me you’ll decide on a dozen other bikes before settling.

  • Mike Edwards

    I’ll probably decide on half a dozen more bikes before tomorrow, let alone before I settle.

  • Emptybee

    Only the Indian name has been put on the defibrillator more times than Norton. I wouldn’t bet much on Norton coming back to life this time either.

  • n/a

    F*ck that, make a road replica of the rotary NRV!

  • Keith Schiffner

    I dunno, makes sense…intakes in the centre of the V. Exhaust from the back cylinders goes out and down to the under motor muffler. Front exhaust goes out and down to the muffler…I see no problem. Gets the hot exhaust out of the way and still doesn’t restrict it by excessive bends.

  • Jonn Dol

    What a pity the engine displacement won’t allow it to compete in the Superbike racing class. Hopefully Norton’s management will re-think about the engine’s cc (comply to the 1000cc limit for 4 cyl bike), which could paved a way to at least BSB or even WSBK racing..

  • paulus

    Norton has been using customer and government ‘goodwill’ for a long time. It does not seem to take much to stir up emotions and secure ever more funding from them (and the British tax payer)… I really hope something of value comes from all the investments, support and customer toleration that has been given.

  • KYspeaks

    Aprilia already has a V4 1100cc engine in the latest Tuono, not inconceivable to bore it to 1200.

  • smellysam .

    I don’t agree 100%.
    A chassis that is well born/conceived will be good even with average parts. But a crap one will need trick parts and electronics to make it average.

  • paleochocolate

    oh yes

  • Spurdog1

    Difficult to get that much power out of a 650 v twin. I know the mini twins are up there, but they are race tuned. The Gladius is a great bike but was poorly styled and marketed. Buy an MT07 and tune the nuts off it.

  • Spurdog1

    I cant understand why they are bothering with a V4 1200. Surely they should be developing an electric bike or like the japanese going for a small capacity with turbo or supercharging. The big bike will just be another Hesketh… overpriced and a sales disaster. At least some kids get some skills and I hope they prove me wrong… it’s my taxes they are using!

  • crshnbrn

    I’d venture your taxes have been squandered in worse ways.

  • Jonn Dol

    At least Norton brand is more well known than Hesketh! Norton has a potential to become, sort of like Britain’s MV Agusta or even Ducati provided their upcoming new products have the style & performance to match..

  • appliance5000

    A nicely styled 650 twin – 60hp – could be very sweet. Keep it small light and naked.

  • Spurdog1

    yeah I’m sure too. At least it is an Apprentice scheme so some kids will get a career start if nothing else. I’m sure there will be a few folks out there with £30K + to buy a 1200! Wont see many on the road though I’ll bet.

  • Who owns Spondon?

  • Mike Edwards

    I love the MT/FZ07 and 09. They are fantastic bikes, and not just for their relatively moderate price tag. The only reason I pointed to the Suzukis were the 90 degree V twins. I love the sounds and balance of those engines. I also love the sound and balance of triples, for that matter!

  • tony

    these are some of the funniest freakin comments i’ve read on a+r in a good ol time…thx fellas! justin and mike, this means you!

  • John Walker

    Another outrageous over powered machine that very few of us have the skills to take on or the income to buy. I think the commando was about 20k. This thing will be over 30k I bet.

    A 650 twin is my reality.

  • Spurdog1

    The MT 07 has a 270 crank so sounds like a v twin. The Aprilia Shiver is a rather overlooked bike and can be bought quite cheap. I agree though, it would be nice if Suzuki did something with their V twins… especially the 1000 as they have already upgraded the engine for the V strom… where’s the new SV 1000 Suzuki?

  • CortexUK

    Haha. “Stuart James Garner”.

  • Da MasterBlaster

    Ducati doing the same as Norton but it will be 1000cc