First Sketches of Norton’s 200hp 1,200cc V4 Superbike

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Norton Motorcycles recently got £4 million in grant funding from the UK government, funds that will go towards creating a new manufacturing facility, more jobs, and new models. All-in-all, it’s good news for the British marque and its suppliers, who will also benefit from the grant.

The good news for us though is that Norton plans to bring to market a 200hp V4-powered sport bike, not too dissimilar to the “SG” models that have been raced at the Isle of Man TT.

Adding to the good news is that British site Bike Social has gotten their hands on the sketches, and had a chance to talk to Norton’s Head of Design, Simon Skinner, about the new model and Norton’s future.

According to Skinner, the new superbike will have a 1,200cc V4 engine that makes over 200hp. The machine is supposed to go head-to-head with the 1,285cc v-twin of the Ducati 1299 Panigale – though obviously won’t be sanctioned in any superbike racing class.

Norton’s engine will be developed by Ricardo Motorcycles, and will take cues from British car marques like Aston Martin and other designs in the British F1 corridor that Norton is situated in.

Other models on the books from Norton are a 650cc parallel-twin sport bike, which is said to re-think the segment, as well as a rumored electric model.

We look forward to seeing what Norton brings to market; though admittedly, we are disappointed that the rotary-powered NRV588 project is no longer under development.




Source: Bike Social