One of the more eye-catching things we saw today at the EICMA show (besides the Triumph Tiger 800 XC SE), the Husqvarna 701 Concept is an homage to the Swedish brand’s past, and a signal to its future. Truly Scandinavian in its aesthetic, the modern, yet simple, lines of the Husqvarna 701 provide a unique approach to the very cookie-cutter supermoto segment.

Featuring a 650cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, Husqvarna says that the concept is good for 75hp and “outstanding” torque. Built with a chromoly steel trellis frame, WP Suspension, and Brembo brakes, the real eye-catcher is the custom Akrapovic exhaust and its integrated bodywork shroud.

The seat is made of multiple materials, and is designed to have grippy spots for where the rider sits under braking and acceleration, and slippery spots for where a rider needs to move along the seat unimpeded. We aren’t huge fans of the LED headlight, but otherwise it is a nice concept by Husqvarna.

Will the folks at Husqvarna create an on-road machine in the future? Certainly not. A supermoto perhaps though? Time will tell. Photos of the machine, taken in-person by yours truly, are after the jump.

Up-Close Photos of the Husqvarna 701 Concept at the 2013 EICMA Show:












Source: Husqvarna; Gallery Photos: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Mike

    Damn, that’s hot. Except for the headlight. I swear manufacturers leave their headlight designs for interns to do on Friday afternoons.

  • akaDan

    The more observant readers will notice that this is just a KTM 690 SMC that has been sci-fi’d up to look like a concept, and dressed in white and yellow.

    This is what KTM do. They take a KTM, change a few parts (sometimes only the colours of the bodywork) and call it a Husaberg. And now, Husqvarna too.

  • Motogpdr

    The Swedes? Swedes haven’t been associated with a husky for years…..

  • Motogpdr

    Swedes? What Swedes? Swedes haven’t had anything to do with husky for years…….

  • mxs

    What’s the point of the bike??? Motive pls?

    None … because racers will never use plastic enclosed muffler etc. and there’s no street legal market for supermotos? So what’s the point here, I ask again?

  • Jake

    There’s plenty of people that would love a 75hp Husky Supermoto. I don’t particularly care for the headlight or rear subframe plastic crap but to say there isn’t a market for it is plain dumb.

  • paulus

    I think it’s nappy (daiper) needs changing.
    Looks a bit ‘back heavy’

    Badge engineering… this is the automotive influence.
    KTM 690/Husqvarna XXX – plastics and colours.

    That being said, KTM/Husqvarna 2014 off-road range is AWESOME!

  • MikeD

    Pretty damn IRRELEVANT. (-_-)
    I guess they were just feeling left out and neglected so this is them “shouting” : Look at me, dang it.

    U can buy the same bike right now but wearing cast wheels.
    Is called KTM DUKE 690.

  • 2ndclass

    Actually, no, it’s called the KTM 690 SMC-R and it has wire wheels.

  • MikeD


    INDEED. I stand corrected. I just couldn’t recall the fancy lettering so i had to settle for the nearest thing that came to mind.

  • paulus

    the more models, the merrier!

  • mxs


    Plenty of people? What does that mean? Are you talking about people who post here or other forums “I’d buy one after a release?”

    The proof is on the pudding as they say …. find out how many street legal supermoto bikes have KTM, Husky, Husaberg or Aprilia sold in recent years. It’s been dying for a decade …..

    You know who sold most of them … probably Suzuki … LOL For only one reason … it’s a cheap reliable commuter!

  • Twan

    Okay! how does that neon green rad survive after a low side?

  • MikeD

    Suzuki is Queen when it comes to AFFORDABLE SuMo. That’s the MOST plentiful bike that pops up every time i search on Craigslist for sumos.

    I wish Aprilia would have kept it’s awesome 450-550 twins and made them more street biased ( A LOT LESS service intensive ) + AFFORDABLE . . . yeah, i know better than using Aprilia and affordable in the same sentence. LOL.


    You meant the Shroud ?

    Probably it does survive being that it’s what looks like plastic ? Of course it will be sporting/wearing a ton of damage. LOL.
    The Rad housed inside it ? Probably ends up looking more like a bundle of scrap metal.

  • ScottInAustin

    wow, given how quickly the side-plate melted on my SM610 (for some reason, Husky didn’t think it necessary to even put any heat shielding on a plastic part that sat basically right on top of the cat), my immediate reaction was overwhelming, tear-inducing laughter.
    Knowing how dirtbike plastic tends to look after about 6 months even when it’s not white, or slapped up against engines/exhausts, I can only wonder what the heck they’re thinking.
    Glad y’all like it though, as I’d love to see Husky emerge from merger hell stronger than ever. That Husky was a sweet ride!