Ducati Mega-Monster Spy Shots

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr has snagged some spy shots of the rumored Ducati power cruiser, or Mega-Monster as it’s now being called in the press (the Ducati Vyper nomenclature has seemingly been dropped). Aimed to take on Yamaha V-Max and it’s crew, the Mega-Monster is a big step for Ducati in tackling new market segments.

Taking a page from the Multistrada 1200 campaign, which saw a plethora of “leaked” images, we don’t really know if you can call these photos true “spy shots”. As with that release, these photos are clearly being staged by Ducati PR people, and then being leaked to motorcycle magazines.

With each rider clearly wearing Ducati apparel, the dots are being connected for us as we can see that the Bologna brand has indeed been working on a cruiser-styled bike, despite saying the project was canned last year. Photos and more after the jump.

Another sign that Ducati PR is at work is the fact we can really only see one angle of the bike in these photos. As with the Multistrada 1200 campaign, we seemed set to see a dribbling of these kind of pictures over the summer and fall, right up-until the bike’s expected launch at the 2010 EICMA show in Milan.

Despite how the pictures came to be, we can still see some details of the Italian power cruiser. The Mega-Monster is showing a huge rear-end that accommodates a 200+ sized rear tire, which is mounted to a single-sided swingarm. A Streetfighter-styled shotgun exhaust can also be seen, as well as your standard Ducati trellis frame. Radially-mounted front brakes, and dual-LEDs finish out the touches of the bike that we can gleen from these photos (post up in the comments if you see something we’ve missed). Stay tuned Ducatisti, you’re world has just been turned upside-down.