Come Drool Over the PANTAH by XTR Pepo

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I don’t rate the Ducati Monster 821 as a particularly strong motorcycle for the track, but after seeing the latest creation from XTR Pepo, I might rethink that opinion.

The Spanish builder calls this creation “PANTAH” which is an homage to the Ducati Pantah whose form it attempts to replicate.
Of course though, the styling has that obvious look that Pepo has honed over the years, especially with his Ducati builds, and the effect looks like something that would be perfectly comfortable at a weekday bike night, as it would a weekend track day.

Starting life as a Ducati Monster 821, the machine has seen an extensive overhaul to its form and function. The design is tasteful though, and is like a reverse restomod – a modern bike, taken and made to look like it’s from the past…but not.

This blending of modern components and retro design is all the rage right now, and it is easy to see why: the effects are gigantic, especially for those who can straddle the two generations of motorcycles being played on here.

What particularly stands out is the teal blue paint and yellow number plates, and it is hard not to fall in love with the minimalist tail the XTR Pepo is so fond of creating.

There is a bevy of go-fast parts, including a SPARK exhaust, Andreani fork internals, and Öhlins rear shock, Discacciati brake rotors, and Ducabike wet hydraulic clutch conversion.

All-in-all, we think XTR Pepo did a good job of bringing the Pantah lines to reality on this build, as the work is truly a complete transformation from the Monster 821 starting point.

While Ducati may be singing the swan song for the Monster 821 (which seems ready for the “950” upgrade), XTR Pepo is clearly breathing new life into this budget-friendly Italian, and that is always good to see.

Hit the gallery, where no pixel has been spared to bring you this drool-worthy motorcycle. We think you will enjoy the time you spend there…just don’t let anyone else walk-in on you.

And good news, if you want one for your own, the bodywork , front bracket, lights, and rear subframe are available as a plug-and-play kit for the Ducati Monster 821 /1200 and Ducati Supersport.

Source: XTR Pepo; Photo: 2019 © Sergio Cardeña – All Rights Reserved

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