Radical Ducati RAD 02 Corsa EVO

05/25/2011 @ 3:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Our affection for the work by Radical Ducati is getting to the point where we need seek professional help. Not only are we becoming a broken record for our praise of the Spanish firm’s work, but our love affair for their motorcycles is completely one-sided. They don’t return our calls, nor our late night texts. We suspect they’re talking to other weblogs, and we can’t stand the thought of them going around town with a print magazine. Like all schoolyard crushes, this is sure to end in tears, but until then we’ll continue our hardcore crush on their take of Italian motorcycle design.

For our latest infatuation, we show you the Radical Ducati RAD 02 Corsa EVO (2011). We’ve been pretty pumped over this build since we heard about it a couple weeks ago, and now that it’s blown it’s cover, well…we’re revamping our Christmas list. While we appreciate all forms of motorcycles, we’re sportbike folk at heart here at Asphalt & Rubber, so a Radicalized sportbike tickles the pink out of us in ways that café racers cannot. We think you’ll agree when you check out all the photos after the jump.

Source: Radical Ducati

  • 2strokes4ever


  • 2strokes4ever

    they should put a doubledog moto megaphone exhaust on though…..

  • ML

    Beautiful. The only thing I’d change is the swingarm (SSS).

  • ohio

    Typically, I like Radical’s work but the musclebound front is really out of balance with the spindly swingarm and tail on this one. It looks like one of those world champion arm wrestlers with crippled legs.

  • reo

    Who makes the brake lever guard?

  • Woody

    Love the bike and the paint, but I have a hard time believing this bike was ridden as hard as the tires suggest.

  • kenny

    dont like backend cheap looking swingarm half done bike
    give me the fairing and suspension and ill put them on my bike sorted

  • Isaac Chavira

    That swingarm is hiteous to say the least and it’s cheap form is un-becoming of a Ducati. The tail is too skinny and the body work is meh. The rest thought is great.

  • Isaac Chavira


    RIZOMA! =O)

  • Kurt

    That brake lever guard appears to be a Rizoma Pro-Guard. They are made for most common applications. I have a set in black on my Benelli Cafe Racer… They get my some cool comments.

  • sculptor666

    try ordering something from them… it might scale back your worship a bit. a customer of mine ordered a tail from them…which was a hassle, but he happened to have a friend in spain to go and pay them in person, since they don’t take paypal or cc’s. it took forever for them to make the piece. for. ever. i guess putting it in a box with some bubble wrap is too much to ask, but by some miracle it arrived mostly intact. mostly. the fiberglass work was equivalent to 1999 hotbodies, if you know what i mean. the foam seat pad was cut with what appeared to be dull scissors by a four year old. but geez, looks good with glossy paint, doesn’t it?