Once we saw the unveiling of the Ducati Monster 1200 at EICMA last year, we knew it was only a matter of time before Bologna wedged its new 821cc liquid-cooled motor into a mid-size Monster machine.

That feeling was fueled further by spy photos the 821cc Monster making their way onto the internet, and now we have confirmation of the mid-sized Monster, as Borgo Panigale has officially launched its Ducati Monster 821.

Borrowing the 821cc Testastretta 11° engine (112hp and 65.9 lbs•ft) found on the newly revised Ducati Hypermotard, and its cousin the Ducati Hyperstrada, the Monster 821 continues Ducati’s trend to repurpose powerplants for multiple product families.

The Ducati Monster 821 also continues Bologna’s new trend of building its lower-spec midrange motorcycles with double-sided swingarms, to help further stratify and differentiate its models.

Tipping the scales at 395.7 lbs (dry), the Monster 821 is just over 5 lbs lighter than its 1200cc sibling, despite the 18hp difference between the two.

That doesn’t mean that value doesn’t come with what will likely be Ducati’s best selling model this year, as the Ducati Monster 821 comes with an eight-way adjustable traction control system, three-level anti-locking brakes system, and a three-level RbW riding mode system.

Ducati says to expect the Monster 821 to be at dealerships by July 2014 (available in Red or White), with a “Dark” option available as well (shown below). US pricing is set at $11,495 for the Monster 821, while the Monster 821 Dark will sell at $10,995.

For tiered-licensing countries, the Ducati Monster 821 has been specially restricted to 25kW (33hp) for Switzerland, and 35kW (47hp) for other participating countries.












Source: Ducati

  • paulus

    Why would anybody want any other colour than red :)

  • Guy

    Where’d the oil cooler go?!

  • Ben

    The black bike looks amazing!

  • Agent55

    These latest water-cooled Monsters aren’t bad, but they’re not as cool as the previous 2 valve versions imo. More complicated, busier-looking and just not ultra-minimalist like a Monster should be. Oh well, always likely to be a good used example out there.

  • Jerdog

    Now if we can only get an 821 Elefant!!

  • Sebastian

    The left hand side of the bike is a complete plumbing mess. The same happened on the 1200 version. They managed to get it clean looking on the Hypermotard/Hyperstrada, why not this?

  • Daniel Croft

    Using the word “trend” suggests that Ducati haven’t been doing the engine re-purpose thing for literally decades.

  • Peter

    Apparently they also cut back on the budget spent on the pictures …

  • RL

    Man, I’de hate to live in one of the countries that get the “4hp” version ;)

  • Peter

    @RL – at least it’s legal to drive on bicycle lanes with it. ;)
    Wonder if it comes with pedals – though

  • Damo

    In before the swing arm dorks show up!

  • @Guy,

    Interesting question as it has not been much pointed out by the specialized media at the time they issued the new Hypermotard. The oil goes directly from the pump to the cylinder head, and I’m assuming it takes benefit from being close to the water cooling circuit the maintain good temperature, so I’m not 100% sure but I think there’s no more oil cooler on this engine. On the other side the new 1200 of the Monster does not use this technique, most probably due to the need of having a robust cylinder head (less cooling voids) to support the frame.

  • There’s an illustration picture here on A&R, search for the hypermotard article.

  • Gutterslob

    If they’re not air-cooled, I’m not interested.

  • Andres

    Where is the single sided swingarwm?

  • Westward

    Looks like it was designed by H.G. Giger, the earlier 2000 -2007 models looked better and cleaner…

  • Ok Ducati you have a platform for Hyper,monster Street fighter now bring me a Fresh SuperSport
    with a 1/2 fairing and feel free to the monsters tank for it is a nice tank shape. Square headlight too.

  • AC

    Nothing against them being liquid-cooled, but I just can’t stand that weird trellis frame. Compared to the original Monster series and the 696, this new one just looks odd.

  • geoff

    At a reasonable price, im all over that black one! Older monsters are lackluster powerwise and nice to see they have ditched the undertail exhaust. Want.

  • All that plumbing kind of ruins the mechanical beauty and simplicity of the Monster.

  • Ryan

    25kW (33hp) for Switzerland, and 35kW (4hp) for other participating countries.

    47 hp?

  • Snaefell

    I like the the engine displacement and implementation. I wish that the weight difference between this 821 and the 1200 was less, and of course, that it had mounts for swingarm spools! As Astro Glide says above, I think that this would make a good foundation for a modern SuperSport 821.

  • .. it looks like a baby diavel // just not diavel enough !

    // the street_fighter was the hooligan of them all & thankfully one sits in my garage.!!

    // re the monster – I also prefer the air cooled / single sided swing arm version of 2 years ago ..

  • chubbs

    What the hell is up with the cable actuated clutch???

  • Mark

    Why is there so much plastic and piping and stuff on the sides?

    An SV650 has a cleaner look to it than this monster :/

  • martinm

    its a shame that you can’t even appreciate the beauty of the engine its just a mass of plastic.

  • Its a bad new for us that monster 795 productions in now stop but the other thing it is replaced by the Ducati Monster 821.. !!
    Beware new monster in coming!
    any idea about its price ?

  • appliance5000

    They included 2!

  • appliance5000

    When you pull the lever, the cable tension releases the clutch.