Curtiss Motorcycles Debuts “Hades” Electric Motorcycle

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Coming from the ashes of Confederate Motorcycles, the new Curtiss Motorcycles brand has shown another of its two-wheeled creations, this one also an electric model called “Hades” – after the Greek god of the underworld.

The creator of the Hades is none other than J.T. Nesbitt, who brings with him some of the same lines he made famous at Confederate. As you would expect then, the lines of the Hades are provocative, unconventional, and alluring.

On the technical side of things, the Hades is interesting as well. While details aren’t finalized yet, Curtiss is throwing around numbers like 217hp and 147 lbs•ft of torque, and we should point out that the bullet-shaped battery housing holds 16.8 kWh of energy, from the nearly 400-volt system.

Curtiss says that it plans on putting the Hades into production in 2020, with a retail price of $75,000 USD.

For that coin, you get carbon fiber wheels from BST, along with a double-wishbone fork made from machined aluminum girders and a RaceTech shock.

The rear suspension also uses a RaceTech shock, with two-speed compression damping, rebound damping, and 6” of travel, while the brakes come from Beringer.

As you can tell from the gallery below, the Hades exists only in a computer, which makes sense as Curtiss continues to raise investment for its company operations.

With the motorcycle industry burned more than once by a few high-profile crowd-sourced projects, that might be a tough ask from the Curtiss Motorcycles management.

While we aren’t optimistic on that fundraising effort, it would be nice however to see Curtiss’ designs come to reality.

Source: Curtiss Motorcycles