Confederates’ New Plan as Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

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Confederate Motorcycles is to become the Curtiss Motorcycle Company. We reported on this story back in August already, so loyal Asphalt & Rubber readers should know that the news comes with the twist that the new company will focus on motorcycles that have electric drivetrains, provided by Zero Motorcycles.

Not much beyond those details was available at the time, and admittedly we don’t have a plethora of new information about this boutique American brand at this point in time as well, but we’ll share with you what we do know.

First of all, Curtiss Motorcycle will ultimately have a bike for a wide range of pocketbooks, not just the uber-rich that were serviced by Confederate. Curtiss’ first bike will be called the Hercules, and it is scheduled to drop on May 5, 2018.

Curtiss says that its vehicles will use a modular motorcycle design, and its electric powertrain will also feature a twin-motor arrangement. The motors and other electric bits are of course provided by Zero Motorcycles, leaving Curtiss to focus on the chassis and vehicle refinements.

The modular vehicle design is of note, and something we have discussed already here at Asphalt & Rubber. This design philosophy is of note because it should allow for Curtiss to streamline its production costs, and quickly bring new models to market.

For added benefit, the concept of a modular motorcycle design gains considerably more relevancy and leverage in the vehicle manufacturing process when employed on an electric drivetrain vehicle (electric drivetrains lending themselves better to multiple uses, rather than internal combustion engines), so it shouldn’t surprise us to see Curtiss using it as the company’s basis.

Curtiss boasts that it will use an all-new state-of-the-art suspension arrangement, as well as “whole new levels” of safety – though your guess is as good as ours on that last front. A quick look for the patents that Curtiss references in its press release showed no results.

Time will tell on these boasts, so stay tuned. Confederate is set to turn into Curtiss on January 8, 2018.

Source: Curtiss

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