Here Is the Curtiss Zeus, An Electric Cruiser

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We will have a full account of the 10th Annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering posted soon, but I wanted to highlight one of the more notable events at the California motorcycle show – the debut of the Curtiss Zeus, an electric cruiser with tech from Zero Motorcycles and styling from the now defunct Confederate brand.

The first all-new machine from the Curtiss brand (we are not counting the Curtiss Warhawk, which looks remarkably like something from Confederate’s previous offerings), the Curtiss Zeus features two electric motors from Zero, which share a common shaft, and help produce a claimed 290 lbs•ft of torque and 170hp.

That bonkers feature is matched to an equally divergent style, which builds upon the design ethos that Confederate established previously. For instance, note the front-end setup, which is a carryover from the Fighter line of bikes from Confederate.

The body is a bare exposition of machined aluminum, with ample grooves and tooling marks exposed on the otherwise spartan layout. The wheels are carbon fiber discs, and are mated to Beringer’s double-rotor brake design.

Meanwhile suspension is handled by Race Tech, with shocks fore and aft. The front fork design is a double-wishbone layout, while the rear swingarm has a concentric pivot point with the electric motors’ driveshaft.

Other interesting points are the iPad dash mounted to the top of the frame, the various thin LED lighting strips, and the clear panels below the seat, which show off the electric powertrain pieces from Zero.

Expected to be a 2020 model from Curtiss Motorcycles, there is no word yet on pricing for the Zeus – though if history tells us anything, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

What do you think? Is the Curtiss Zeus the “most innovative” motorcycle at this year’s Quail Motorcycle Gathering? The judges certainly seemed to think so.

Photos: © 2018 Andrew Kohn / Asphalt & Rubber – All Rights Reserved