Up-Close with the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual-Sport

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Much was said about the 2019 Honda CRF450L before it even debuted in the United States, and the resounding collective opinion of the moto-journalists in attendance at its press launch was that the 450cc dual-sport is potent off-road, and well-mannered on the street.

Our own thoughts on the new Honda CRF450L are quite positive, and it rises to the top of the list of dual-sports that we would put in our garage. Getting an up-close look at the machine, you can see Honda’s quality shine through, from the engine to the switchgear, and even the body panels.

Making roughly 45hp at the crank, the CRF450L isn’t the most powerful bike in the category, put the torque curve on the Honda is tabletop flat and without holes. This makes the machine easy to hookup on the dirt, and refined for street riding…all the way to 85mph or more.

One of five new 450cc dirt bikes from Honda, the CRF450L is a true dual-sport – letting bikes like the CRF450RX and CRF450X fill the enduro niches for racing and pure trail riding. Thus having a weapon for every use, Honda smartly focused the CRF450L to be a dual-sport that can actually handle on street riding, instead of just compromising an exist dirt-focused machine.

Items of note as you peruse the photo gallery include the innovative LED turn signals that are designed to bend in a tip-over, instead of annoyingly breaking off. The bodywork is also unique in that the graphics are molded into the plastic, instead of using decals or paint. Underneath the hood is a titanium fuel tank (2.01 gallons), while the gearbox is a wide-ratio six-speed.

Photos: © 2018 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – All Rights Reserved