Honda Finally Debuts a 450cc Dual-Sport for Trail Riders

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It has been a long-time coming, but Honda has finally has a road-legal 450cc dirt bike back in its lineup. As such, say hello to the 2019 Honda CRF450L.

Taking its DNA from Honda’s 450cc MX bike (which is also updated for 2019), the Honda CRF450L offers mirrors, LED lighting, an electric starter, and even a place to stick a license plate, giving you the ability to on-road, between trailheads.

Other features include a wide-ratio six-speed transmission, 18″ rear wheel, a two-gallon titanium fuel tank, Showa suspension front and back, and more crank mass than the Honda CRF450R MX bike. The curb weight is claimed at 289 lbs, topped up with fuel and ready to ride.

Honda says that the CRF450L will be available in September 2018, with pricing set for now at $10,399.

It may not seem like it, but the debut of the Honda CRF450L is a big deal in the off-road / on-road space, as the American market has a dearth of 450cc enduros. In fact, none of the other Japanese brands have a 450cc dual-sport on the market for riders.

This is curious, considering the popularity of 450cc MX bikes in the United States. Thankfully however, Honda has answered the call of American trail-riding enthusiasts.

The Honda CRF450L was developed in tandem with the new Honda CRF450X enduro, and released in conjunction with a revised Honda CRF450R and the up-spec “Works Edition” Honda CRF450RWE motocross machines.

All-in-all, Honda’s 450cc dirt bike lineup is looking fresh and reading for the 2019 model year. With the off-road segments seemingly the only ones in the motorcycle industry that are showing signs of life, Honda has just made a big play for a contentious space.

As such, we would expect Honda to do quite well with the CRF450L, and the rest of its dirt lineup. Hopefully this means that other brands will follow Honda’s lead, and we will see more 450cc dual-sports on the market in coming years.

Source: American Honda