“Racing Motorcycle” Emoji Finally Coming to a Smartphone Near You – A Headline We Never Thought We’d Write

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Continuing today’s theme on fairly useless cellphone knowledge for motorcyclists, the good people at The Unicode Consortium (the people who run the industry standard on computer text and symbols) have released a new batch of emojis.

We understand if you may not know what an emoji is, but you’ve likely encountered one if you text message or use social media like Facebook or Twitter — think of it as a sophisticated smilie that is built into your operating system’s language code (a smilie being a group of punctuation that is meant to look like a picture, which is meant to convey emotion).

Popularized by teenagers, emjois saw explosive use after text and instant messaging applications gave access to them. Surprisingly though, there has been no motorcycle emoji for motorcyclists to use…until now.

Releasing 250 new emojis into the latest Unicode 7.0 standard, the Consortium lists a “racing motorcycle” as one of the new emojis that will soon be available. No word on what it will look like, but it will go well with the Vulcan “live long, and prosper” hand sign, “Man In Business Suit Levitating”, and The Finger, which are all being added for use in Unicode 7.0.

Your digital moto-lifestyle is surely now complete. Expect to see the new motorcycle emoji available in the coming months, as phones and computers adopt the new Unicode 7.0 standard into their systems.

Source: Emojipedia