When Did Apple’s Siri Turn into My Mother?

06/17/2014 @ 1:13 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Not too long ago I had to replace the clutch on my track bike, as I had a track day rapidly approaching that weekend. Driving around to get the parts I needed, I turned to Siri on my iPhone for help in finding a nearby Yamaha dealer, as I knew that the clutch plates would need to be ordered that day (with only a couple hours left in the work day) and overnighted to me, if I was to get my R1 ready in time.

A couple verbal commands later (along with a couple chuckles over how Siri pronounces “Yamaha”), and something funny happened. Siri decided to give me a little life advice on my two-wheeled inclinations, with a “now, you be careful on that thing” comment.

The first time it happened caught me completely off-guard, and was good for a few minutes of chuckling. But then I got worried. Had I finally lost it? Did that really just happen? It took maybe a dozen more tries before I could get Siri to repeat herself, but the below screenshot is the fruits of that labor.

I have yet to replicate the comment again, and it’s interesting that the same command produced a number of different Yamaha dealers near the A&R office. There are several long lists of interesting Siri comebacks, and it looks like motorcyclists have their own contribution to add now.


Let us know in the comments if you’ve got a motherly Siri in your pocket as well.


  1. Scott Otte says:

    They Cynic in me finds this sort of thing pretty disturbing. Apple probably thought they were/are being cute. I see this a just another example of how the USA sees motorcycling as something dangerous that people should avoid.

  2. Maybe if the fatality rate in motorcycle crashes was lower, that would be the case. I don’t see the AMA helping with that issue anytime soon though, so…

  3. Scott Otte says:

    @Jensen -It’s true… I forget how so much of the US isn’t California… or even the Bay Area where still only 60% of riders wear protective gear. (no study, just a guess)

  4. Apple could have added so many other cool comments from Siri that would have made loyal Apple customers of a lot of people.

  5. Don’t worry…Siri may disappear altogether very soon. Samsung is in talks to purchase Nuance. Nuance provides the technology behind Siri. Apple and Samsung are cutthroat competitors.


  6. Chris Blair says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate Apple even more…

  7. paulus says:

    Harmless fun.
    Glad to see the guys at SIR/Apple have a sense of humour

  8. fangio agostini says:

    Siri – “The GPS tells me we are going at a steady 150MpH. Should I call the police?”

  9. Gutterslob says:

    Siri needs a new vibrator, me thinks.

  10. jimmy smith JR says:

    @Fangio Agostini

    Siri- “Nevermind my question, I’m just f*cking calling the police.”

  11. Slangbuster says:

    Want a good laugh ? Give Siri a compliment, swear at her for not following directions or ask her some personal questions What are you wearing? Etc…. Pretty funny.

  12. proudAmerican says:

    “Siri–find a Yamaha motorcycle dealer near Oakland California.”

    “I’m sorry Hal. I can’t do that…”

  13. proudAmerican says:

    @ Above–Sorry, wrong character.

    Hal @ Dave:

    “I’m sorry Dave. I can’t do that…”