How Long Does it Take You to Draw a Motorcycle?

03/04/2013 @ 4:46 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


We spend a bit of our time here at Asphalt & Rubber featuring the work of Nicolas Petit, and other designers, sharing with you the unique visions that these artists create. Some of their work comes to fruition in three dimensions, and some of it remains in a two-dimensional form, but it is all still pretty damn impressive. But what goes into these sketches and renders?

Working on his BMW HP2 Megamoto LC Concept, Petit has condensed his 20-minute sketching routine, and put together a short three-minute time-lapse video of his work. Armed with only with a couple pens and markers, Petit makes short-work of the sketch, though we can only imagine how many hours of studying design had to come together before pen could be put to paper. Check it out after the jump.

Source: Nicolas Petit (Blog)

  • Having studied music (for way too many years to end up a blogger), and specifically jazz, I would argue much more time was spent developing the talent of using his hands and tools to reproduce what he see in his head. In other words way more time probably goes into practicing and doing than studying. I know I have way more hours playing my instrument than I spent in a classroom, and I still didn’t practice as much as my professors wanted.

  • andrey

    Cool but I would prefer to see the same time lapse of Chip Foose designing one of his hot rods.

  • dream bikes

    I like more the design by Tim Cameron…

  • CTK

    Takes me about 5 minutes on paper (all my notebooks are full of concept sketches) and an undetermined amount of time in Blender

  • Only using pens I see, I too like to live dangerously.