Are You the 2014 BMW S1000R Streetfighter? Nope.

10/24/2013 @ 4:21 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS


Is this an image of the much anticipated BMW S1000R – the streetfightered version of BMW’s popular S1000RR superbike? Nope, it’s not…but, it is a spot-on approximation of what we expect to see from BMW Motorrad early next month at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy. Italian site DueRuote commissioned this render from the folks at, and we have to say it is some damn fine work.

The BMW S1000R rendered here draws heavily from its fully-faired predecessor, with the two bikes sharing a strong styling link. This seems to be a good train of thought, since both machines will draw from the same technical background, and BMW will want to draw distinct lines from the S1000RR to its unfaired progeny, especially when it comes to performance.

As of right now, Details are light on the 2014 BMW S1000R, assuming that BMW Motorrad even chooses to continue its naming schemes and calls the streetfighter as such, with the big question being how watered-down the inline-four engine will be for the street bike.

With the Austrians debuting the 2014 KTM 1290 Super Duke R with an astounding 180hp at the crank, the pressure is on for BMW Motorrad to keep some of the ponies inside of its 999cc superbike engine.

We doubt the S1000R will boast the same figures as the Super Duke R, but we would be very surprised if the German machine didn’t out pace its Italian rivals: the Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS and the still unreleased Ducati “Monster 1200”. Something in the 160hp to 170 hp range sounds about right. Start saving for the speeding tickets now boys.

Source: DueRuote

  • @DaveMinella

    The Internet and motorbike police task force need to enforce the no rendering laws. Too often, I see something that excites me only to be let down by reality.

  • coreyvwc

    Well that sure is a nice BMW Tuono…

    That looks nothing like the real BMW street fighter that we’ve already seen in real “spied” photos…

  • Dave, that’s what women say about my JDate profile.

  • TexusTim

    o damn reality

  • KSW

    Here in Georgia if I go over 80 (super speeder here) I think they’ll just put me in jail and tow the vehicle. I think I can now apply for commercial license.

    Jensen, JDate? Dude, I have some girls for you but can you afford to keep them living like there parents do?

  • JeCo

    Needs more SuperDuke and less Tuono..

    Actually they should have just copied this

  • I can’t help thinking the manufacturers are missing a trick here. What’s actually needed is the top of the range sports bike with only two changes. 1) High/flat bars 2) a bigger screen and upper fairing. So the body work of a GSX650 on a GSXR750. There are lots of us who want all the latest stuff but with just a bit more comfort. This is a different market from streetfighters. They’re also fun but just as hard work in their way as full on sports bikes.

  • Matt

    It looks cool enough, but I don’t quite understand the asymmetrical headlight setup. That’s what has always put me off about the S1000RR. Are they trying to go for that endurance racer look? Or perhaps, they’re trying to set themselves, just slightly, apart from the Japanese manufactures?

    Personally, I have always liked BMW’s sport bikes, from the R1100S and R1200S, to the sportier K-bikes, but I just feel they’ve lost their way with the S-line. Yeah, it’s fast as hell, but so is an R1 or GSX-R1000. I mean, I’m not just paying for a badge, I want a little differentiation.

    I know I’m not stating anything new here, but I just felt like ranting a bit.

  • eg

    hideous all round.

  • sideswipeasaurus

    Nice bit of Photoshop for sure. Not a fan though of this or the Aprilia cut downs. To me they don’t look like a proper naked version of the track oriented bike they derive from. They look like some went hacking at the bodywork and left it a kludgey looking mongrel with none of the wind protection or aeros. My vote for how to do it right is the Ducati Streetfighter or the MV Agusta Brutale. True naked bikes that look good on their own instead of plastic surgery nightmare versions of their former selves.

  • FranktheTank

    What do you mean BMW lost their way with the s-line?? And seriously saying that the S1000RR is no R1 or GSXR?? Are you mad. The S1000RR is hands done the most potent, user friendly (relative term regarding superbikes) and comfortable superbike out there right now! PERIOD. If your talking about aesthetics, then you must know you can never please everyone. Speaking of the R1, when the new design came out I thought it was too bubbly and fat but, now I kind of like it, in the big girls need lovin too kind of way.

  • Ken

    I want to see them do an adventure bike based on the S1000. Sportbikes are mostly useless in the real world.

  • Matt


    First off, I never said that “the S1000RR is no R1 or GSXR”. I said that they’re all practically the same thing. What I mean [when I said that they’ve lost their way with the S-line] is that I feel like they just made the bike to take a share of the market from the Japanese manufactures. It just doesn’t stand out to me, but I guess it doesn’t have to. It has to be similar on the spec-sheets (to the Japanese bikes) and the BMW roundel should take over from there.

    I’m not a brand loyalist. I like all motorcycles.

    As for aesthetics, they’re (S1000RR/R1/GSXR) all fairly boring. That’s where Ducati differentiates itself.

    As for the big girls needing lovin’: They do. But they have to pay. Heh-heh alright!!

  • Matt

    Oh, and Frank?

    Am I to assume you bought an S1000RR and are willing tell off any naysayers?

  • FranktheTank

    Actually I don’t own a s1000. I had a Daytona 675 that I recently had to give up. But I have ridden several big bikes to include all of the Japanese bikes and the BMW. My friends and I get kind of reckless and we flog each others bikes down the twisties sometimes. (No ones crashed someone elses bike….. yet) It was an absolutely amazing ride. Thought about buying one then I saw the KTM superduke and that is exactly what I want for the street.

  • Brandon

    That isn’t a naked bike: it barely has any plastic removed. It is, at best, cosmetic surgery, it still has a full lower fairing. Keep trying, but the spy photos show a different front.

  • Marc F

    I’d expect the real thing to draw more from the (relatively) minimalist Wunderlich concept than the mostly faired rendering above.×370.jpg

  • With or without knobbies Marc?

  • BMW101

    Not even close lads. Keep your pants on it’s getting closer!!!

  • Sharing is caring. :)

  • WhyNotV2

    My guess is it will be a 4-cylinder 999cc with 158hp .